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"Fantastic! Thanks for all you’re doing!  My boyfriend & I attended one of your climbing events a while back, and it really opened his mind to something he didn’t realize he liked.  You are making a positive difference in the community; thanks for that!" -Shelley H.

"Thanks for a great climb night on Tuesday! I had a great time, and it was fun meeting everyone and trying something new." -Tami O.

"Thank you for creating these opportunities! The entire UpaDowna experience has enriched our lives in a way I could never imagine. It's special and I hope you understand how much I cherish it!" -Sarah K.

"We had a great time and discovered a whole new set of trails to ride on!! What an awesome organization!!" -Chrysauna P.

"Thanks to the patience of many but especially Mark and Luke my 6yo, Lydia, learned how to ride her bike after her training wheels broke on the pedal party ride! Thank you UpaDowna for fostering an environment that truly made us feel welcome!" -Corrie C.

"Awesome ride last night! (Pedal Party) Special thanks to those who worked hard to organize this and give a healthy, fun outlet to their community." -Stephanie C.

"OMG! Where has UpaDowna been all my life!?!? I have to come to an event! There is no excuse not to!" -Dawn S.

"The most awesome and selfless group of people I've ever met. Community based organization that brings lots of joy." -Debby O.

"Support your local UPADOWNA!" -Jill S.

"Great people, amazing experience!" -Juan H.

"As a single mother, new the the area, exploring on my own isn't always easy. I want to be able to give my kids the best of what the Springs and surrounding area has to offer, and UpaDowna helps afford me that opportunity in a safe and informed way!" -Dana G.A.

"If you haven't discovered this group, check 'em out! Great people doing great things!" -Kip A.

"Great experience with UpaDowna as my boys and I came across them while at Memorial Park. Randi took my 2 and 4 year old out on a paddle board...they loved it!" -Kristin P.

"Went to lost creek [for Overnight Camping] for two nights, it was definitely worth it! I had a blast and learned a whole lot of good information I'll use when I take my buddies out. The staff was very friendly and super knowledgeable!" -Jerry E.

"Lots of fun and great outdoor activities to get you out exploring the Springs. The volunteers make this program what it is! Aloha!" -Genevieve Z.

"Love UpaDowna and the whole crew! Awesome time at Roar in the City and so many more events!" -Mikal S.

“I love what UpaDowna does for the bicycling community.” –Tater Z.

“I can’t believe an experience this cool is FREE!” –Ken B.

“You guys rock!!” –Cody W.

“Had a wonderful time at intro to climb night. Looking forward to attending future UpaDowna events.” –Lisa Czelatdko, former COS councilwoman

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We provide access to outdoor adventures for all, through events and programs that empower individuals, create healthier communities, and foster a respect for the environment.

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IKEA SLADDA 28″ Bicycle

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BOTW- Viejo Rojo

A friend of mine surprised me with this little gem from California, but he gave…

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