Nalgene Recall


UPDATE:  If you're worried about drinking out of water bottles with BPA.  Check out our list of BPA free Alternatives.

After all that ranting and raving about Nalgenes here we are dying of cancer at the hand of our water bottles. What is the world coming to? Is nothing sacred? We are now faced with the possibility that our Nalgene bottles are potentially dangerous. Now to some this is nothing new, some companies actually began removing water bottles and other food containers made with Bisphenol A two years ago (Patagonia Inc., and Whole Foods Markets) due to research showing the potential for medical problems as a result of this substance being release into what ever food or drink was contained in it. Here is an excerpt from Reuters:

Bisphenol A is added to hard, clear polycarbonate plastics like those used in reusable water bottles and baby bottles, as well as the resins lining food cans and in some dental amalgams and sealants, said Aaron Freeman, policy and campaign director at Environmental Defence, an environmental advocacy group. Research on lab animals has linked the chemical to changes to the genital tract, prostate enlargement, declined testosterone levels, pre-cancerous breast cells, prostate cancer, early puberty in females and hyperactivity.

Essentially is seems as though the only real threat is if the bottle is heated or begins to breakdown such as if it starts to warp. But who knows it seems as though everything will give you cancer these days. The FDA is actually conducting tests currently and a report is due out this summer. And just to clarify not all Nalgene bottles are made with the nastiness, some are safe... for now.

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