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Tripping through the interwebs this morning I came across Mountain Khakis' "Built for the mountain life" blog and was most pleasantly surprised. Now I have been a psuedo fan of their pants for a few years but never really looked into the company. I say psuedo fan because after shelling out almost $70 for a pair I blew through them in a few months and me being the cheap bastard that I am I have stuck to Goodwill clothes, where I can get 25 pairs of pants for the same cost!

Now admittedly most of the Goodwill clothes are not fancy and not nearly as durable or as cool, but I figured since I had such a bad run with my $70 pair I was alright with it. However, now I am rethinking my decision. Sure I can get tons of pants for cheap but where does my money go? With Goodwill industries it goes to a good cause but what about the manufacturer of the pants, do they support what I know and love? NO WAY! Unless I love sweat shop kids and abuses of earth and human rights.

So I will give the MK's a chance again…when I can afford it. Because I love what they stand for and I love their support of the mountain lifestyle. This is a company that you can be proud to support. In fact if you are wondering about Mountain Khakis please check them out and if you have any questions ask away.

  • Kristen

    I gotta say… part of the mountain lifestyle is scraping together enough $$ to get quality gear, and I jacked my $70 pair all up within weeks as well. Belt loop blew out in the first few days. I do like their ethics, but there needs to be more of a balance between price and quality considering most mountain folk are dead-broke. p.s. I am selling my pair of women’s teton twills, – 1 belt loop, to buy dog sledding gear, if anyone is interested…

  • jay

    I have long wondered about these Mountain Khakis. I would like to try them. I also wonder why my store here in (basically) rural Mississippi has them. Haha. I guess we can be hard on pants too.

  • MK Team

    Thanks for the MK shout out here! I understand the precautions you have about spending the money on a pair of MKs and that you might not have had a great initial experience with MK; however, I also know that we are a company that does care what our customers think and we do want them to be happy with the product and the company. We have made numerous changes to products over our 6 years of existence to make MK better than ever.

    In regards to where we sell…we sell our products in smaller stores because this is where we see the most traction. When venturing outdoors we find people care about the gear they wear/represent (Jay, this is why your rural Mississippi store carries them). With all this said, I do hope you give MK another chance as I know you will find it will be worth it.

    Get in our pants…MK – “Built for the Mountain Life”

  • mountain khaki

    Cool post. Hope to read more from you. Keep it up!