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Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

Yuba MundoYuba Mundo

Weight: 53lbs

Length: 6'9"

Gears: 21

Carrying Capacity: 440lbs+ MSRP: $1099


Alright folks this is it. Recently I received a brand spanking new Yuba Mundo 21-speed cargo bike for review. Boasting an amazing 440lb cargo capacity and Cadillac like handling I was pretty stoked to give this thing a go. The trend towards more environmentally friendly and healthy modes of transportation has been slowly ramping up and what better way than on a bike that can haul it all?! After several phone chats and emails with Ben Sarrazin, Yuba's founder and over all bike nut, I was blow away by his passion and dedication to expanding the possibilities of zero emission travel as well as his commitment to building a cost effective mode of transportation for one and all. The result of his time and energy is the 6'9" 55lb welded steel behemoth the Yuba Mundo. So here is the deal. We all grow tired of reviews of items that are hasty and off the shelf quick looks, and well for some things that is alright, however this is an investment, both in money MSRP $1099 and in lifestyle, so we are really going to run it through the ringer over an extended period of time. This is the introduction to this lengthy process. Upon receiving the Mundo via Fed Ex I was pleased to find that there was minimal work to fully assembling the bike. All in all I simply had to put the seat on, attach the handlebars, pedals, front fender and the rear cargo support. Total time commitment: 45 minutes. Now my first thought about the bike was holy crap this thing is a beast!!! I was definitely concerned about the viability of this as a daily mode of transport, but all of my concerns melted away as soon as I took the first pedal stroke. All I can say is wow! Cushy luxury would be an understatement, this baby was a joy to ride super easy to maneuver and believe it on not seemingly weightless. As I mentioned this is a lengthy review and I will have multiple updates on this bike as I use it for commuting (both in the city and in my small mountain town) I will load it up for a play day with kayaks, grills, beer, friends and who knows what else! I am also working to get this out to the people of my community to see what they think so keep checking back for a chance to give it your own test ride!  (Below: 75 y.o. woman pedaling with ease!)

75 y.o. woman pedaling with ease!

Here is a bit of beta taken from the main Yuba site which should really give you a feel for what this movement is all about!

Based in Sausalito, California, Yuba was founded in 2006 by Benjamin Sarrazin, a lifelong bicyclist who saw the need for a new type of bike while traveling around the world as a professional kayaker in the 1990s. In South America, Africa and other parts of the developing world, Sarrazin saw people carrying goods to market on rickety bikes not built to handle the weight of big payloads. He returned to the States in 2000 and helped start Xtracycle, which builds a platform that can be welded to bikes. Sarrazin worked at Xtracycle for several years and helped popularize long wheel-base bikes in the United States. But Sarrazin felt that the add-on design was not sturdy or durable enough for the long haul, so he left and founded Yuba, enlisting the help of top frame builders and designers to create the Mundo, the strongest long wheel-base cargo bike on the market.

In an era of climate change, rising fuel prices and growing discontent with our automobile-centric society, the Mundo is a clean, healthy, affordable and fun alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. In a few short years, Yuba has built a devoted following of customers who use their Mundos for everything from carrying groceries to delivering products. “Yuba’s goal is to create a better world by giving people a practical, comfortable option for running errands and getting work done,” says Sarrazin, who can frequently be seen pedaling his Mundo around Sausalito with his young daughter and wife on the back.

As I am writing this I notice that there is a bit of snow falling, so get ready for a review of this beast sporting studded tires and going on a 8 mile round trip grocery run!!