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Stimulus Package


Well not really a stimulus package, they do this every year. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of it. From April 17th-25th all National Parks are everyone's favorite (or second favorite) little four letter "F" word, FREE! The weather has been wonderful. Here in ColoRADo we'll be averaging about 70 degrees with some showers. We have some pretty popular parks here, but we also have one of the least visited, The Black Canyon of the Gunnison. You won't be fighting the crowds, but it will be quite a bit cooler. If you don't mind the long drive from the busier cities of ColoRADo, then you will be rewarded with the hidden beauty of Mesa Verde. Rocky Mountain National Park is easily accessible which means it will be full, and the Great Sand Dunes usually get packed fast as well. All the big names everywhere are sure to fill quick: Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, The Smokies, etc. Don't let this discourage you, this might be the perfect time for you to get out and mingle. There are only so many Ranger's per all that land and every visitor. This is an opportunity for you to help protect the wilderness from people, and people from the wilderness. Don't be afraid to teach someone proper etiquette, in most cases they just don't know. Sorry, I'm not going to break down every state for you (totaling 392 National Parks). Here in ColoRADo we have 4 wonderful National Parks to choose from.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • The Great Sand Dunes
  • Mesa Verde
  • The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

With the National Parks being free and filling up, this more than likely creates ample room in the State Parks, as well as other fun campsites everywhere. So if you don't feel like dealing with the crowds, but still want to get out check some of your other favorite places. If you are out this weekend remember to have fun, be safe, and help preserve our great parks, and wilderness areas for our future generations. For more information on your local National Park, please visit




  • Ro

    This is great! So where are we going this weekend?

  • pittbrownie

    I think the Fossil Beds up in Florissent are free as well. Plus, you can visit the lovely Thunderbird Inn after your hike.

  • Bunny

    Yeah Brownie, it probably applies to all national monuments as well. I’m not sure good point though. Thanks bro, cheers!