ClimbAXE Techdraw

Climb Axe Quickdraws


Weight: 94 grams

Strength: (major/minor/open/webbing): 22/8/8/20kN

Certifications: 3 σ

MSRP: $9.95

Given the strength ratings and over all look and feel of this draw there is nothing that would make you think this is any different that what the big dogs in the industry are producing, that is until you look at the price. Most draws will run you on average $15 and these are only $9.95! No that is not a promotional price and yes the price is good for wiregate draws as well!! So in reality you get the highest quality set up for half the price and for climbers both new and seasoned you cannot afford to pass up this deal. These draws also feature a Dyneema dog bone and the sewn in plastic insert to aid in clipping in, much like what is seen in Black Diamond's straight jacket system.  What makes this more amazing is that Climb Axe offers screaming deals on all kinds of climbing gear! Very few endeavors carry the inherent risk of bodily injury as much as climbing does. And like most climbers I often think through my gear choices fairly in depth, which ultimately leads me to either do way too much research on my own or I simply ask some one I trust. Now this trust comes in a variety of forms from the "hey what do you think about this….?", to the "hey seriously tell me what I need to keep my ass alive." Based off of my internal level of trust I shuffle the response into the "under consideration" or "trust it solidly" category. Fortunately I have found one of those trusted sources in Brian Gallant owner of Climb-Axe. I first met Brian a few years back while he was running through the comps in the Teva Mountain Games held annually in Vail, CO. Although our conversations were brief I instantly got the vibe that he is a no nonsense gear fanatic. And now that we have become better friends I really think that his passion for all things out doors, especially climbing, is definitely the reason he started Climb-Axe and now provides some super high quality products at ridiculously low prices.

This is the first of quite a few items that we will showcased here on UpaDowna for Climb-Axe not only because Climb-Axe sells solid products but because this is a small company that is run solely by climbers that know and demand quality gear and also because you simply cannot beat the prices!