Deuter ACT Trail 32

In the world of high priced gear, German based Deuter comes to the rescue with a well thought out pack at an exceptional price. The Deuter ACT Trail 32 is a day hiker's dream with easy accessibility and organizational capabilities.

Deuter ACT Trail 32

Volume: 1950 cu. in.

Weight: 3lbs

MSRP: $120

Listed as a technical day pack this pack has been designed well, I especially like the bottom zipper which allows you to easy access to even the most buried gear in the pack. I really don't know why more companies don't jump on this concept because there have been more than one occasion that I have been stoked to have it. The beauty of having the zipper positioned in this fashion is that it really does open the pack up well, I would say better than a zipper that is oriented in the classical sense where it flaps down the pack.

Initially I was wondering about the straps and pockets and to be honest I thought it was a bunch of fooey, but as I used the pack I really felt that this was one of the best thought out day packs I had ever used. In fact I can comfortably make this pack a multi-day pack for my light and fast trips and really not feel that I am lacking anything. This pack comes with the standard fare as far as hydration compartment, and a rain cover, one thing I really did not care for is the zippered compartment on the left side (as worn) of the pack. When the pack was fully loaded it was a real bear to stuff anything in it, but once I figured that out I would simply load it first.

Now this pack does lack the bottom straps where I would strap in a sleeping pad, or tent but I was able to use the straps on the side/bottom of the pack for the same function. The hip belt is sufficiently padded and offers one zippered pouch which is just the right side for a small camera and a snack on the right side. The shoulder straps have enough support to make weights up to about 25 lbs comfortable. In reality you could carry up to 35 lbs in the pack but I doubt it would be very comfortable for long.

Even with it's relatively light weight the ACT 32 has ample stash pockets both on the sides and front which allows you to have your gear compartmentalized and well organized. The side compression straps allow you to really tighten this pack down to help minimalize bounce or shift should you decide to climb with it or feel the need to dash down the trail. Add to it all the ice axe or trekking pole loops and wham bam you have a great all season pack.

All in all I would say that this pack should be one that is seriously considered if you are in the hunt for a new pack. After using it at the crag, on the trail, and deep in the back country this pack has done the thinking for you and trust me Deuter has it figured out.

  • Nonoy

    Hi, I am seriously considering this pack and I would like to know if you were able to lash or carry your tent with it and if at all possible, do you have some pictures of it in that situation?

  • Yeti

    Nonoy- Yes I was able to lash my 2p tent to it with out an issue, I have lashed it across the bottom of the bag and on either side. However usually I break my tent up into its individual parts and pack it where I have pace. For instance I will keep the body of the tent inside the pack, along with the poles. The rainfly is usually strapped to the outside (either on one side or across the back) and the ground sheet is stashed in the lid pocket or the mesh pocket on the back. I separate it this way for quick access in case a storm fires up (the rainfly covers me and my gear) or I want to sit down for a break on muddy, wet, or snow covered ground (ground sheet).

    I’ll email you a few pics here soon!


  • Nonoy

    Yeti! I finally got this pack. I bought a pack before this and I think I regret that. Even my girlfriend agreed and encouraged me to get this pack. I’m excited to take this out! I’m planning to get a solo tent this month and hopefully get to try it for multi-day use. Again, thanks for your insightful review!