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Sunday Solace-Defining Life On Our Own Terms

Paradox Sports changes lives. Hell, they even save lives.

Vijay being helped into the canyon by Chad and the group.

I can not describe to you in words (but I’ll sure try) the overwhelming feelings I had this weekend, and give you a little insight into the unbelievable memories that were made!

Luckily, UpaDowna was invited to see what Paradox Sports is all about by attending the 2011 Gimps On Ice event in Ouray, CO. As you’ve already seen from our past two posts, it’s been amazing! (Read “Gimps On Ice” and  “Day 2”)

Today provided a culmination of friends old and new, outdoor adventure, a little beer drinking and a sense of strong camaraderie that was developed in under three days.  So just how do they save lives? Injured soldiers with severe PTSD or are even missing a limb, are given a helping hand out of a dark depression. Folks who never expected for this to happen to them, to lose a limb, may have been also asking “what now”. Young adults that are mentally or physically disabled and never thought they could climb, are climbing. In many ways, Paradox Sports has been the “what now” by proving amazing adaptive opportunities across the nation.  Here are some amazing athletes that are a part of the cadre.

Christa Brelsford, lost her leg in the Haiti Earthquake

Pete Davis, was born without his right arm below the elbow

Vijay Viswanathan, became completely paralyzed from the chest-down after a failed rappel

Vijay Viswanathan, became completely paralyzed from the chest-down after a failed rappel

Spending time with the athletes, I was inundated with a vibe of happiness and joy from each and every one. Hence the name “Paradox”. How can someone be so happy when they don’t have an arm, or a leg…or two legs? It made me take a second look at my life. Am I doing everything in my power to live life to the fullest like they are? Are there things I can give up or improve so that I don’t take anything for granted? What can I shuffle around in my schedule so that I can volunteer with programs like Paradox Sports? They are my heroes. (See more event photos here)

Locally, there is a group that is providing similar opportunities. The Colorado Springs Therapeutic Recreation Program (TR) and Angletech has an Adaptive Cycling Ride which kicks off on March 26th from 12-3:30pm. The Colorado Springs Cycling Club will also be hosting a family ride in conjunction with the Adaptive Cycling Ride! For more info or to volunteer, contact Allen Beauchamp at 719-351-3205.

A big thanks goes out to Malcolm Daly and Chad Butrick of Paradox for allowing us “normals” to be a part of such an amazing event. We are forever grateful!

Adventure On!