By now, most of you have heard about the potential government shutdown. Democrats and republicans are debating the national budget and are doing what they do best, argue with their heads up their asses. And for what? All over abortion issues. Well, on a more "real" level, this cuts a wound deep to UpaDowna and it's fans. The potential closure of National Parks and National Forests. Closures could happen as soon as tomorrow. These devastating closures would lead to a LOSS of approximately $32 billion and 800,000 DAILY visitors to the parks and forests across the nation. Hopefully a deal will be reached by midnight tonight, or the National Parks as we know them may change forever tomorrow. Sounds like a good excuse to play hookie and go visit you favorite park today!!!

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  1. I know the whiners in suits came to an agreement, but does anyone know the full ramifications of National Park closures? They can’t deny access to “public” land can they? Should the NPS close it seems like a prime opportunity to visit Parks while RVs can’t plug in…

  2. Rocko, it sounded like if the shutdown were to occur, then those working at the NPS would be furloughed and told “don’t come to work until…” therefore shutting down any parks (like the Grand Canyon) where there are tour guides, rangers etc… Public lands would have remained open, just anything with someone working there would have to be closed. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this never happens!

  3. Good thing it was just a bunch of posturing by a group best suited to do just that. Could you imagine the audacity of these folks? They gamble with the stakes of entire industry livelihoods on their personal table of partisanship. Thankfully it didn’t come to pass.

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