Snakes, Beers, Singlespeeds, And Getting Chicked!

This weekend's events as best as I can recall as we headed to Fruita by way of Moab. FRI: Left Colorado Springs at 330 got stuck in traffic on Vail pass for 2 hours total trip time should have been 5 hours ended up being closer to 8. This seriously cut into my beer drinking raging by the camp fire telling lies time. SAT: Woke early-ish my buddy registered for the MSC Rabbit Valley race then we headed into Moab. Rode a little loop called Sovereign...hmm good but not great, however we did catch a snake!



Not sure how or why but we managed to putt along and still lap folks kitted out with $6K full squish rigs while we peddled along on our bargain basement 1x1s, and that my friends, is priceless! After a few mid day carbo loading beers and some greasy burgers in Moab we headed back to the Loma exit and rode a great little lap I like to call WTFWYTRTFT?!?! Which means WhatTheFuckWereYouThinkingRidingThisFuckingTrail? In all reality it was a great loop that I have done many times and as usual the Mary's, Steve's, Moore Fun circuit was fun and painful especially when I endo'd...repeatedly. After the ride we ate at the Hot Tomato and drank a few, ok maybe more than a few, but hell I was THIRSTY! SUN: My buddy Jon raced the SS 32 mile race in Rabbit Valley and only got chicked once, well technically more than once but I swore I wouldn't tell. And oh yeah the 5th time he got chicked she was eating a donut and laughing at him! Just kidding....but not really.


Oh yeah and I learned these rules:

Steve Hitchcock Yeti

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