Beer, Gear and the Great Outdoors!

Bristol and UpaDowna pack the house for the Cheyenne CaƱon Ale Release Party!

I arrived Bristol Brewing Company around 4:30pm, anxiously awaiting the upcoming event. A beer release party featuring one of their very popular Community Ales, the Cheyenne Piñon Nut Brown. In tow, over 50+ items from various gear companies and stores, ready to giveaway. Before setting up, a small line had started at the bar for the 5'o'clock keg tapping. When I finished setting up the gear and turned around, a line was already out the door. The majority of joy-seekers had one reason to be there, the Cheyenne Cañon Ale. Some had no idea what was going on and just wanted beer. I cruised the line of customers and offered a free raffle ticket as well as UpaDowna stickers. While cruising, I noticed a cute couple that had already received a ticket, and a beer, and were back in line. When I asked them what was up, they simply stated that by the time they drink the beer, they will be back at the front of the line, ready for a refill. GENIUS! Ron Leasure, Friends of Cheyenne Cañon president, led the charge by getting people excited and interested about the night and the giveaways.

Our first drawing was a great success and as the night went on, the prizes just got better and better. Backpacks, fly fishing reels, day passes to the climbing gym...the fun never stopped!

The hiking crew showed up around 6pm and really enjoyed their trek up Helen Hunt Falls with a Cañon expert leading the way. Around 30 people attended the hike and were rewarded with an extra raffle ticket for going to check it out. Blue Sage Catering offered tapas-like snacks and that line was just as long as the beer line. The Friends of Cheyenne Cañon also provided an authentic gold panning experience, how cool is that?

As the party continued, more and more party-goers were pleased with winning a giveaway! It was just our way of saying "Thank You" to those who bought a beer in support of the Cañon! Because if you didn't know, 100% of the profits of this beer from now until September, go back to the Cañon. By the way, a few THOUSAND dollars was raised for the cause last night, including a $100 donation by Herman Eppinghaus at Hall's Walls!

Bristol Brewing Company has an amazing thing going here. If you were there, we hope you had a great time while supporting the cause. If you didn't get to make it, be sure to keep tabs on when the next beer release of a Community Ale is, its lots of fun, great beer, and for a good cause! Just a heads up, the most popular one will be coming up this fall again!

A HUGE thanks goes out to all of the folks that supported this event, we couldn't have done it without you! If I forgot anyone, I am sorry, call me on it and I will add you to the list! :)

For more event photos click here. Thanks to Hannah Rotramel and my son, Cody, for taking photos! :)


Adventure On!