2011 Summer OR Pre-Show Excitement

We're heading to Utah to find out the details on all kinds of new gear from our favorite outdoor companies, as well as what's in store for us this coming year. I could go over new gear all day long, but I'm going to only highlight a few of the many products I'm super psyched to see. I no order what so ever here are a few of the many cool items we will be checking out. 

Showing some Colorado love I'll be swinging in to see Mile High Mountaineering's new 34 liter pack, the Salute. MHM has done nothing but impress me with their cool new packs since day one of testing their products. So, why should I expect anything less from these guys? What's cool about this new pack is its awesome accessibility. With a new "S" style zipper running throughout the body of the pack it's capable of being a front-loader, top-loader, or even a side loader.

Here's one for all you anglers out there. Fikkes Fly Hiker is a trekking pole/fly rod. Yeti and I have talked about this idea before, but now we'll actually get to see it. This carbon trekking pole doubles to an 8' fly rod fast and easy. I can't wait to check out it's durability and see it in person.  

The Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 was recently crowned the lightest double wall shelter in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. Weighing in at mere 17.46 oz. I really need to see this one again, up close and personal.  

After last weeks torn paw incident in Wheeler Geologic Area, it's important to me to look into some paw protection for my best four legged friend. Ultra Paws offers a full set of dog boots, yes for all four paws starting as low as $12.95! Is it to good to be true? Well, there's only one way to find out. 

The Petzl Universo belay device has our main climber Ryan as giddy as a school girl. The Universo combines an attache 3D carabineer with a Verso belay device. Combining these two essential pieces of gear makes belay/repelling preparation much safer. Plus, it's one less piece of gear dangling from your rack.  

The list of exhibitors is huge, and there will be tons of great gear to keep us busy. Much more than I can highlight here. Our goal is to gain the most knowledge possible in a short time on innovative new gear to share with you, our readers. If you have seen any new products or have specific gear requests that you would like us to check out, please leave us your comments and we'll report back to you the best we can. 



Robert Mitchell Bunny

Bunny has frequently been called, “The Motivator” of UpaDowna. He resides in Colorado Springs, but is more likely to be found with his dog Coheed in the vast wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains.