Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo

One word sums up the Open Air Demo Day: SUP. If you didn’t know, SUP (stand up paddling)  is  a mix of kayaking and surfing. You can sit, kneel or stand on a surfboard-like platform. It was by far the most popular and the talk of the town. Everywhere you looked, there were people on a SUP board.

Besides cruising around on the water all day, a couple of other things caught our attention:

Emotion Kayaks: These sturdy products are proudly made in the USA. Geared towards getting more “butts in boats” by creating beginner-friendly kayaks like the "comet", as well as sweet upgrades to more aggressive kayaks like the “Bliss”.  Emotion also offers sit-on top kayaks as well as a paddle board. Their "traverse" paddle board is super stable and easy to navigate. With reasonable prices, it makes it easy for the recreational outdoorsman to afford it.

Mile High Mountaineering: MHM already packs a punch to the outdoor world with their brightly colored multi-day packs. Coming out (not too soon though) are their new line of day packs including the "Incline", "Bolt" and "Colfax". Along with the day packs are a multi-day lightweight "Salute" featuring a state of the art "S" zipper. MHM's winter bag, the "Powder Keg" makes me want to skip summer and test this baby out on the slopes right now.

 Fikkes: Pronounced like "hikes" but with an F, this Fly Hiker takes you high into secret mountain lakes with out all the fishing gear. Basically, if a trekking pole and fly fishing rod had babies, this would be it! The "fikking" (fishing/hiking) rod is very sturdy when trekking and fishing.

More to come, but for now...back to the floor!

Adventure On!