OR Show Day 3 Madness

I knew day three would be just as overwhelming as days one and two, so I decided to start my day off right with a good meal. I stopped by Craghoppers to enjoy a meal made for the likes of Bear Grylls.

Knowing that small snack wasn't going to hold me over for long, I traveled over to Backpacker's Pantry for a wonderful meal that I knew I would truly enjoy.

On today's menu was Chicken Vindaloo and Black Bean Salad. The Chicken Vindaloo had a nice spice to it and the Black Bean Salad was fantastic. With a full belly I was now ready to get back on the hunt and continue finding all sorts of cool new products.

One of the first items that caught my eye was the new multi-tool/tripod by Gerber, the Steady. This new tripod equipped multi-tool will be released for consumers everywhere early in 2012.

Feeling a bit drained I thought a quick nap would be wise. I headed over to see Adam at Eagles Nest Outfitters. He was lounging in their new hammock the Reactor. This sweet new hammock offers all the same comfort as their other hammocks, but is now equipped with a sleeve, designed to securely hold your sleeping pad. Optimal comfort!

All this walking around made me think of Jennifer Pharr Davis, the new AT speed record holder. I decided my next stop would be at Salomon to see the shoes she set the new record in. 

Salomon Synapse. This sturdy light weight trail shoe is sure to make a lot of noise.

Roaming around further into the trade show abyss I stumbled upon a sweet over the shoulder fly fishing carrying system at Vedavoo. The light weight, extremely accessible, waterproof carry known as the Tightline Shoulder Pack looks to be a slick new way to conveniently carry all your necessary gear to your favorite fishing spot.

With the thought of a cold beer in the near future, I knew I needed a good bottle opener. PocketToolX is in the new pavilion and have been handing out one of their cool tools just for stopping by and saying hi, the Brewzer. Pictured below with their wax scraper. Now armed with this sweet new bottle opener no beer stands a chance tonight! Thanks PocketToolX!

While there I heard a little noise about another product the Mighty Wallet. This sturdy new paper thin wallet blew me away with its strength. This wallet is made from a single sheet of Tyvek paper and is virtually indestructible.

Two other booths in the new pavilion that are a must see, are Fikkes, and Strongback. There's lots of great stuff going on over there, be sure to check them out.

There is a lot of noise coming from the new craze "SUP" (stand up paddling). If you're going to get involved in something like this or any other water sport for that matter, one thing you need is a great water proof layer. I found the perfect one at Season Five.

There's plenty of other shows stoppers here, and I'll tell you about more of them very soon. For now though I'm diving back into the action, but here are a few more pics from today's action.





Robert Mitchell Bunny

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