More 2011 ORSM Eye Candy

There was just so much great gear to see this year. Some of it is for sale now, some of it will be released in the fall, and some pieces will be unavailable until 2012. 

Here's a few of those pieces that caught my eye, for whatever the reason.

Will start simple, and I truly mean simple with Tinder-on-a-Rope by Light My Fire.

Light My Fire, Tinder-on-a-Rope

MSRP: $2.50

Right up there with the Pet Rock in simple ways I could have been rich, if I would have just thought of it first. DOH!!! Tinder-on-a-Rope is no joke my friends. This 80% resin rich content fire starter is harvested from cultivated pine stumps in the highlands of Mexico. Well, to say the least it definitely caught my eye.  


MSRP: $1.45

If you're looking for a new tasty trailside treat, or if you just want to eat something down right delicious, then you have to try CLIF BAR's new Coconut Chocolate Chip. I taste tested a few of their samples, nom-nom-nom. I probably had about 30 of those little samples, I wanted to be absolutely sure on just how much I loved this new flavor. I would have had more, but I'm on a diet. SO GOOD!!! 

Wolverine ICS low cut

MSRP: Unavailable 

The Wolverine ICS low cut is back and looking better than ever. The Wolverine ICS slogan is "Hike longer. Climb higher. Trek deeper. Go further." That's exactly what I plan to do when I get a pair of these! The ICS technology is an adjustable gel disc located under the insole at the heel of the shoe. You can easily access the disc by lifting the insole of the shoe to adjust the levels softness of firmness of the foot's strike point that best suits your needs to help you comfortably conquer any terrain. Also armed with a thick lugged Vibram outer sole, along with the breathable water proof technology of GORE-TEX this is should be one awesome shoe. 

Mile High Mountaineering, Salute

MSRP: Unavailable 

Before I left I highlighted a few products that I was excited to see. I'm glad to say that the boys from MHM delivered with their new 34 liter pack the Salute. The newly integrated "S" style zipper looks pretty bomber, and should make accessing gear anywhere in the pack a synch! I'm not ashamed to say it, that's one sexy pack! Just look at it!!!

Fikkes, Fly-Hiker


Another predicted item that was nothing short of awesome is the Fikkes 8' long fish fearing fly rod. No wait, I mean the Fikkes trail slaying trekking-pole. No wait, I mean the mutant, hybrid, transformer fly-rod/trekking pole. We got an early look at Fikkes Fly Hiker when we ran into them at the Open Air Demo. Designed by the Michael Jordan of fly rods Gary Loomis, this rod is sure to set the bar on compact travel fly rods. I can't wait to get the trekking-pole on the dirt, and the rod in the water!   

Nemo Equipment's Jeep featuring the Jeep Habitat

Nemo Equipment makes some pretty slick looking tents and sleeping pas, but this is taking it to a whole new level. This is one sick sleeping system. This is actually the Jeep Habitat, with the Jeep/tent combo custom designed by Nemo Equipment. This comfortable four person off the ground camper system fully deploys in under a minute! It needs no special modifications, and adds only 6" of height to your Jeep. Sick ride Nemo!!!   

Goal Zero, Solo Flashlight

MSRP: $12.99

One thing that truly sucks is when your flashlight batteries die on you. It always happens at the very worst time, and at best your carrying extra batteries to ensure you're not left in the dark. That's why I'm stoked about Goal Zero's Solo Flashlight. This light weight, rechargeable, LED, flashlight has great illumination at 15 lumens, and can be fully recharged from either indoor lighting or solar power. It's labeled by Goal Zero as having a recharge time of 8 hrs. with a 2 hr. running life. While at the Goal Zero booth the rep on hand assured me that listing is a mistake. It's backwards, meaning it has a 2 hr charge time with a running life of 8 hrs. Hey we all make mistakes. To put all that in a nutshell, you get 5 grouped LEDs, 15 lumens, that takes 2 hrs to charge and gives you 8 hrs of light. That can also be fully charged either indoors or out. Best of all, is it's price point. Retailing for only $12.99 making it a steal!!!        

Baladeo, 15 g Pocket Knife

MSRP: $22.00

Something small for every day carry fans or the ultra light lovers out there, who truly count every ounce. The Baladeo 15 gram Pocket Knife weighs in at an whopping 15 grams, hence the name. Making it in the words of Yeti, "lighter than a frog's fart!" For light packing and small jobs, Baladeo is making every ounce count, or lack there of ounces. 

Benchmade, Pardue

MSRP: $85.00

For all the rest of you knife lovers out there that aren't counting every ounce, but are still looking for a great knife with an overall light weight that doesn't sacrifice durability or performance then check out the Benchmade Pardue. This durable stainless steel knife weighs 1.88 oz. and comes with option of a serrated edge or non. It has a reversible grip with a folding blade, and an AXIS locking mechanism. 

There were so many other great products. Some I can talk about, and some that are still top secret. Those will be tales for another time. It's getting late, I've got an early morning, and I'm tired.   

If you want to see more, make sure you check out MtnMama's post show wrap up as well.  



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