The Beer Drinker's Guide To Colorado

Above: my map leads me to Bristol Brewing Co in the background.

We were super stoked to receive this map in the mail! The Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado not only features info for 142 breweries and brewpubs across the state but also tons of travel information like ski areas, driving distances and CO State Parks. My favorite features are all of the beer sections on the back of the map including: taste descriptions, what kind of beer goes in what glass, color photos of types of beer, how to make your own beer and historic bars/taverns. A "Know Your Beers" family tree helps even the most new-to-good-beer-drinking-drinker find their new favorite. Here's a little Beer FYI for ya: did you know that serving beer in a plastic cup is always better than out of the bottle?  I had no clue, but thanks to this map, now I do! Hard to imagine that all of this fits on a 40"x 27" sheet of paper! Check out the front and back of this sweet map! And did I forget to mention the FREE BEER coupons? That's right, over $150 worth!

Above: All of the little yellow dots are pint glasses which signify a brewery/brewpub is near you!

A couple of other observations I made were that while this map feels waterproof, it is probably just slightly water resistant, which in my case, is bad. I'm always spilling beer, I'm such a klutz! After about 10 times of opening/closing/flipping/looking at this map, seams started tearing. Yet that doesn't compare to the biggest flop, our beloved Bristol Brewing Company in Colorado Springs is listed but not their Sunday hours. Sunday is a very important day for beer, many a good adventures are had on that day in nature's worship center and we've got to "downa" somewhere local! (BTW, their Sunday hours are 10am-6pm) This map retails for $12.95 but also has some other options for purchase.

So, stop by your local beer map distributor to pick up this great resource today!

Adventure On!