Olympian Leads By Example...Or Not

The truth is that Olympic swimmer Kenrick Monk sucks at skateboarding, and while sucking at it he biffed and cracked his arm. However understanding that he was idolized by youthful swimmers around the world he decided to simply let folks know that he fell off of his skateboard and the result was a cracked arm, which would have been the role model like thing to do. Man I guess if that would have happened it would not have made the press,eh? So instead this stand up guy claimed he was blasted by a motorist while innocently riding his bicycle. Now that the truth is known Kenrick got to free himself from all of the stress of holding in a lie and shed a tear. To which now may turn into an all out flood of tears as he may face criminal charges along with few of his fellow swimmers who apparently assisted him "immediately after the accident".

Ok so let me get this straight. Monk was riding his skateboard and fell off breaking his arm. The break no doubt put in jeopardy his swimming career. To bad so sad. But now this guy has completely involved Australia Swimming and faces a bit of a record and the shame of knowing 10 year olds around the world are laughing at him.


To be honest I am more entertained by the soap opera like lives that folks in the public eye lead than their accomplishments. I really hope that these folks figure it out and start wearing the big boy pants and actually becoming the idols that they are. Regardless of if they enjoy the limelight or not they've got it and as such have a social responsibility to adhere to a higher moral standard so the youth of the world can find a few new heroes.

Steve Hitchcock Yeti

Yeti is an all around outdoor adventurer, enjoying everything from mountain and road biking, climbing and bouldering, orienteering, skiing, surfing, backpacking, trail running and exploring. Yeti is proud to make his home in the Colorado Mountains with his wife and son.