Girls Can Do CrossFit Too!

Now if you are a loyal reader of UpaDowna, you know that recently, Yeti and Bunny did some CrossFit recon of their own. I was curious myself and wanted to see if girls could hang too. Lucky for me, I got a small taste of another hardcore gym when I did the Southside Johnny's Run with CrossFit SoCo during the summer. (Find a gym near you!) Why all of a sudden decide to go full force? My life was missing something. Dedication to keeping my ass in gear all the time. I was getting lazy and not "fat" but there was fat that I needed to lose, if you catch my drift. The weeks after the SSJ runs, I was curious and looked into CrossFit. I also couldn't get away from all my friends on Facebook that posted their workouts, successes or struggles with the sport. With some encouragement from my husband, friends and well, owner of the gym, I went. I have to admit, I was nervous as all hell. I haven't seriously worked out or lifted weights since college and that's because I had to or else my volleyball coach and my ex-Marine weight coach would kick my ass. Come to find out, that's exactly what I needed. That's exactly what I was missing. External motivation.

Above: CrossFiters participate in the Southside Johnny's Running Club. A 5k which includes various CrossFit activities along the route.

When I arrived to the gym, it was about 5:50am, I was 10 minutes early and by 5:55, I honestly thought I might get out of this torture session. Nope, think again! The group started rolling in (about 6 others) and of course our dedicated coach for the morning, Sean.

Not having done any lifting for a long time, I had to dust the cobwebs off my lifting lingo to remember what everything meant. There was no "Intro to CrossFit" or "CrossFit 101" for me either. I had to just watch and learn. If I had a question, I asked and our coach was more than willing to help me understand the proper mechanics of say a Turkish Get-up, Kettle Ball (KB) Swing or a "toes to the bar" move.

Overall, I've enjoyed my experience so far, as tough as it may be. I'm seeing an immediate improvement in my energy level, strength and muscular endurance. My reasons for doing this are #1: External Motivation. #2: Increase muscle mass to become a better climber, mountain biker and runner #3: Everyone is very motivational and supportive and #4: It rocks!

If I could offer any tips for CrossFit Newbies, it would be to A) bring a waterbottle that you don't have to lift up. Something with a straw because you won't be able to move your arms much. B) Invest in a foam roller, or what The Colorado Running Company calls the "pillar of pain". It will save you from sore muscles down the road. C) If you don't know, ask. Or watch. Once you see or hear how to do something, it's easy. Do it wrong and you could injure yourself. Last but not least, D) Have fun! There's something I enjoy about the smell of the gym in the morning, seeing others there to support me, and knowing that I'm getting stronger and can play outdoors harder!

And yes. The "lay-on-your-back-'cause-you're-too-tired-to-move" move is a trademark of CrossFit!

Here are the workouts I've done so far:

Monday the 14th: (my first workout, talk about WAKE UP call...)

Skill-  spend 5-10 minutes working on Turkish Get-ups

3 Rounds for Time of:

30 Push-ups
30 second Plank Hold
30 Alternating Lunges (15 R/L)
30 second Plank Hold
30 Dips
30 second Plank Hold
30 Renegade Rows (no push-up, 15 R/L)

Score by subtracting 6 minutes of plank from final time

Friday the 18th:

7 Rounds, 1 minute at each station:

-KB Swing
-No Weight Prowler Push
-Ab Mat Sit-ups
-Single or Double Unders

Tuesday the 22nd:

5 rounds, starting at every 4 minutes.

  • 12 KB Swings
  • 12 push-ups
  • 12 lunges
  • 12 toes to the bar

Monday the 28th:

For Time:

20 Thrusters (40/30k)
20 Push Jerks
20 Front Squats
20 OH Squats
20 Burpees

*** Between each movement do a 200m run (end of parking lot and back) except for burpees


If you are interested in giving it a try, find a gym near you and contact them. They are interested in helping slackers like myself get buff and fit! It may seem intimidating at first but it  really is fun and you see results right away! Hey, nobody said it was easy. If it were easy, they'd call it football.

Adventure On!