2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Kick-Off

A small and intimate rally reception was held tonight to promote the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Chris Jenkins, president of the Pikes Peak Cycling Society, was the gracious host in, may I say, a car-lovers dream! I was fortunate enough to be nose to nose with some unbelievable cars! So what was the rally reception all about? Well, mainly to get folks excited about the upcoming August race.

Above: watching the 2012 USAPCC "Sizzle" video

The folks at PPCS described the attendees as the "core and passion" of El Paso County whom will help drive more publicity and more attendance to the 2012 race. Not that last year wasn't successful (yah, only $83.5 million in economic impact for Colorado), but they described it as "building the airplane while flying". This year, the airplane is ready for flight, and we're in for a great ride baby! There was mention of numerous ancillary events leading up to the Friday afternoon, Stage 5 race. The goal of USA Pro Cycling Challenge? To be the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500, the Master's of the cycling world. That it will be! Being televised in over 200 countries might get them noticed just a little. Let's just hope the TV coverage in the high country is better than last year! As always, lots of great cycling advocates were there to support the event including; Allen Beauchamp/AngleTech Cycles, Al Brody, Amy Seltzer/ROLL Bike Art Show, Mindy Carter/CS West Bike Shop, David Pico/Peak Region Cyclist, Steven Thompson/Flibye Racing, Tim Bergsten/Pikes Peak Sports, Bristol Brewing Company, representatives from the Pikes Peak Community Foundation and more!

Clearly, this community supports this amazing race and we are very excited to see it come home once again! Thank you to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and the Pike Peak Cycling Society for putting on this event, we can't wait until August!

Adventure On!