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Foot Print


Foot Print Region Ale from Odell Brewing Company is a one of a kind beer. Cleverly crafted with distinct flavors found from each of the 10 states that currently carry Odell Brewing Company's products. This tasty ale is Odell's way of saying thank you and paying homage to each of these states. The 10 states this beer represents and the flavorful contribution they add are:

  • Colorado, Hops and Barley
  •  Arizona, Prickly Pear,
  • Idaho, Barley and Hops
  • Kansas, Wheat
  • Minnesota, Wild Rice
  • Missouri, Oak Barrels
  • Nebraska, Corn
  • New Mexico, Green Chiles
  • South Dakota, Barley and Honey
  • Wyoming, Wheat

As you can imagine there is a plethora of flavors involved here. Sold by the bomber bottle (22 oz/750 ml) with an ABV 9.5% I'm starting to feel it! After releasing the cork and letting the bottle breathe, the Foot Print pours to a slightly hazy golden body with a thin capped head. It has a very sweet taste, that's polished off with a bitter finish. Nothing to over whelming, a nice mix. For mindfully involving the 10 different states that carry Odell brews and making something more than drinkable out of them, I think Odell's did a bang up job on this eclectic ale. This is more than a beer, it's art! Would I buy another one? You bet ya! I think the Odell brewers hit the nail on the head here and my only regret with this on is, that I only bought one.





22 oz Bombers (750 ml)