Mile… Mile & A Half- A Muir Trail Documentary

I just tripped upon this project called A Mile…A Mile & a Half and instantly felt as if it was something that all of you would enjoy. These are not dialed survivalist or outdoor fitness freaks (as you will soon tell) but they are also not idiots. This group of everyday adventurers who happen to be professional filmmakers set out to hike the Muir trail and record the trip for a fun video later.

Spoiler alert: This clip is designed to get you to help fund them!  And as soon as I realized that I was tempted to stop the video and go about sipping my coffee and wishing I had the skills to make a fun video like theirs…but I didn't. And what I realized is that these folks want to share the wonderful experience with everyone but as with many dreams they simply can't afford the costs. 

Once the pitch ends (3mins 10sec into the clip) you see the artistic ability of this amazing group that hikes for 25 days, 219 miles of beautiful scenery and in environments they were unaccustomed to. This is the sort of adventure that everyone can do and enjoy all it takes is a little prep work and motivation. 

Personally, I think this was a great short and the real world aspect is amazing, with so many over the top adventure films out there these days it is nice to see a documentary that features average Joes just being amazing. So sit back watch the clip and if you're inspired go for your own adventure…and if you're super excited for this band of merry travelers support them through their Kickstarter campaign.