Winter Play With Kids

It's the first real snow we've seen here in Colorado Springs, CO, and while the Sun is out now, it's still very cold out. Many of you are excited to take your little ones out and play, and you should be, but please keep a few things in mind that are commonly overlooked.

Layers, layers, layers! Layers are the way to keep warm. If you're not going to dress yourself adequately please at least dress your children properly. Stay away from denim jeans and cotton. When these materials get wet they stay wet and cold an can easily freeze! Often a child will continue to play without saying anything until it's too late and their discomfort has turned to pain.

Another way to stay warm is to keep moving. Sledding, tubing, and tobogganing don't really require a lot of effort, especially from children. They usually get carried up the hill and the slide down it. If they're not actively engaged, they are not moving around much. If they are not moving around much they are going to get cold a lot faster than you are. Children usually don't have as much body fat as adults and their outer wear isn't always as high quality of a product as yours. Not to mention if they are having fun they'll probably deny being cold or not tell you at all. If you are feeling cold more than likely they are too.  I'd say a good rule of thumb is to wrap them up before it gets too miserable for you. Like I said, more than likely if you're cold the little ones already are and probably have been for a while, they're just having too much fun to realize it!  Another good plan is to go out with a set amount of time to play already in mind. Take breaks! Bring some hot cocoa. Retreat to the vehicles or indoors, get warm then go back out and finish your snowman or whatever.

Enjoy the snow, but play smart.