Vote MER For Backpacker’s BEST Used Gear Shop!

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Here at UpaDowna, we have a home team favorite! Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. (MER) was nominated as one of 10 Best Used Gear Shop in the U.S. and can get to #1 with your vote!

Why vote MER? Well, if you've been there, you already know. If you haven't, let me paint a picture for you:

Approaching the store, you can tell right away that these guys know their stuff and that they are community centered. Colorful, outdoor-inspired photos cover half the exterior windows and doors while local event posters fill the rest. When you walk into MER, you are immediately immersed in gear (this time of the year, its snowboards and skis) while also being greeted with a smile, wave and "Hey There" from the owner Mike or one of his awesome employees. The amount of gear is not overwhelming, but comfortable. It's like walking into the best gear closet EVER! During your shopping experience, he'll offer you a free coffee, tea or hot chocolate, allowing your browsing to also be relaxing. Inspiration in the form of landscape photography lines the interior while the Colorado state flag and a hand-painted mountain vista cover the back wall. You name it, Mike's got it. Shoes, boots, base layers, kids clothes, yoga mats, goggles, bindings, wool socks, gloves, backpacks and more. He's a huge supporter of Denver based backpack makers Mile High Mountaineering also of Aarn Bodypacks, where the co-owner just happens to live nearby. The quality of gear is impeccable, but the community support is beyond outstanding. For every donated item, Mountain Equipment Recyclers will give 50% of the sale to local non-profits assisting soldiers (and now outdoor non-profits like UpaDowna!). For every consigned item sold, 5% of the sale will be given to the same non-profit organizations.

A mascot, kayaks and colorful packs!

Talk about community support…during the recent Waldo Canyon Fire, Mike and his crew printed up hundreds of "We Love Our Firefighters" shirts and stickers. 100% of the profits went to the Waldo Canyon Firefighters Fund. After the fire, Mike hung banners in his store where customers could sign them and send their support to firefighters, the U.S. Forest Service and of course, to Jerri Marr.

MER's support of UpaDowna is amazing. From letting us litter our Yeti stickers in their shop, to hosting our Base Camp and our Library of Adventure! Hundreds of outdoor related books are available to read and kids can spend time coloring adventure photos while mom and dad shop. Along with that, they let us sell our cool SWAG and also host classes there! They are a HUGE supporter of UpaDowna Programs by allowing customers to donate items for UpaDowna. The profit made goes back into our outdoor programs making them free for everyone. Also, MER supports our 3rd Sunday Adventure Hikes so that we can provide snacks and giveaways to our hikers! The support comes full circle when Mike and his family attend one of our events!

Yeti teaches an "Intro to 14ers" class at MER

We just want to take this time show our support for MER and our appreciation for them by encouraging everyone we know to VOTE! Thanks so much! Now, stop reading and GO VOTE MER!!!