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Bike Clinic Too Joins The UpaDowna Family!

Bike Clinic Too joins the UpaDowna Family!

Partnership allows organization to continue charitable work


UpaDowna and Bike Clinic Too (BCT) are pleased to announce a partnership that will help continue the mission of BCT. Effective January 1st, 2017, UpaDowna became a fiscal sponsor of BCT and is able to accept tax-deductible donations on behalf of BCT. This fiscal sponsorship allows BCT to act and operate as a 501c3 nonprofit under the tax id number of UpaDowna.

Recently, Bike Clinic Too was dropped from fiscal sponsorship by Pikes Peak Community Foundation along with over a hundred other small, charitable organizations. Upon hearing of this separation, UpaDowna reached out to BCT to see if they needed help and would like to join forces. UpaDowna Executive Director Steve Hitchcock says “Working with BCT Chairman Brian Gravestock over the years and watching the amazing work they have done for our community, we are excited to be in a position to be able to help out this amazing group.”

For a small organization, with no goal of expanding beyond the needs of the local community, the choice for BCT to continue that made the most sense was to find a new fiscal sponsor. “It simply is not feasible to raise money, no matter how good the cause, without the ability to let donors take a federal tax deduction. UpaDowna saved us from having to make some very challenging decisions by bringing us under their tent and becoming our fiscal sponsor.” says BCT Board Member Ronnie Lee Graham. With similar missions of helping the community, as well as being both cycling-friendly organizations, it made sense for a partnership. BCT Board Member Ronnie Lee Graham adds “I am glad that we found a new fiscal sponsor that has as much passion about their mission as we do ours.”

About Bike Clinic Too The original “Bike Clinic” was started by Peter Sprunger-Froese in 1993 which still operates part-time. “Bike Clinic Too”, the main operation today began in 2009 with Brian Gravestock as the lead on W Monument Street, where it is now. The start of Bike Clinic Too was necessary to meet the needs of the community. To that end, they have averaged giving away 225 bicycles and 335 free repairs to homeless persons, per year since 2012. The work done on the bikes is supervised by a professional bicycle mechanic who fits the bike properly, gives the rider a helmet (when available), gives a cable and lock (when necessary), and also provides repairs for free as well. To learn more visit or call Brian Gravestock at 719-358-3637

About UpaDowna UpaDowna’s mission is to provide access to outdoor adventures for all through events and programs that empower individuals, create healthier communities, and foster a respect for the environment and is entering it’s 6th year as a nonprofit. To learn more, visit or contact Randi Hitchcock at 719-216-2183.


To learn more or donate to Bike Clinic Too, click here!

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