Beer of the Week(end)

Brainless On Cherries

from Epic Brewing

Last week Steve had attempted to write the BOTW but some how or another after he wrote it, he some how lost it without saving it. I kind of laughed at that and still do, but that might change now since I just wrote a full review and lost it without saving it too. Whatever, I guess that's karma. 

I have to admit a Belgian Style Ale normally isn't one of my go to brews. But let's be fare, that's no reason to discriminate it from UpaDowna's BOTW. I'm glad I didn't or I would have never discovered the awesomeness of Epic Brewing's Brainless On Cherries! There's a bunch of hype surrounding this beer and what batch it's from. I'm not covering any of that tonight, I'm just going to ramble on a bit about the taste, body, pour, ABV, and overall feel, or something like that.  

Aged in French oak barrels the Brainless On Cherries Belgian Style Ale packs a lot of flavor and a high ABV punch! The beer pours to a hazy red body with pretty much no head to it at all. After pouring the beer from bottle to the pint glass I waited and waited for the head to form but it never did. I waited and watched the bright white bubbles form and race to the surface of the beer. Although many bubbles formed and all the usual suspects where there to form a big head, nothing ever formed. In it's absence the flavor stepped to the plate and hit a home run. The flavor of cherries meets you on the front of the taste on the drink and follows all the way to through the drink, then moves over at the end for the floral full mouth taste of a Belgian Style Ale on the finish. It has a high ABV as I mentioned earlier, ringing in at 11.0%. Normally I wouldn't think too much of a Belgian Style Ale or really want to review one. Tonight though, I'm glad I set aside my prejudgments on this beer and dove right in. The Brainless On Cherries is a great beer! It has a wonderful sweet cherry taste that doesn't over power the beer and stays pleasant throughout out the whole taste experience. It has an high ABV that let's you know it means business. From the front to the finish on all ends that the feel and flavor are concerned, this is a great drink! Try one for yourself and be prepared for something different, in a good way.