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  • 2nd Monday Madness- Climb Night @ City Rock

    What: "Intro to CityROCK...and Climbing" Why: To get more folks stoked about climbing in and out of a gym!
  • First Friday-Guided Art Tours by Bike

    NEW! First Friday Bike Tours - Two Wheels, Unlimited Arts and Culture!
  • 3rd Sunday Adventure

    One of UpaDowna's cornerstone programs is the 3rd Sunday Adventure. Every 3rd Sunday of every month, we plan a hike, snow day or other fun outdoor event in a new location. Dating back since January of 2012,  our first hike set the tone for the rest to come. It was a beautiful morning hike through our beloved Waldo Canyon.
  • Cowboy Spaghetti

    Some of the best recipes are created on the whim with whatever is on hand and a little creativity. Well, my most recent camping dinner was no different. After a long day of hiking under the desert sun we needed a filling meal with plenty of sodium to put back in our bodies. The original dinner plans were going to be a frozen pack of meatballs combined with diced potatoes and seasoning (Creole), cooked over an open flame in a cast iron skillet (add water or beer for flavor and to keep it from drying out. Just return the lid and let simmer).
  • Recharging YOU!

    Heavy hearts and heavy heads need to be calmed and cleared whenever possible. I find myself this morning very concerned for others over unfortunate situations that are currently effecting my life and those of others. I can't fix everyone else's problems no matter how hard I try, but I can worry more about myself and how I'm letting situations like this and the stress involved impact my life. This week I will let it all go. I will escape to nature to recharge my batteries, clear my head, and be immersed by my surroundings.
  • The Future of Our Parks

  • Colorado Springs' Summer of Cycling!

  • Shaky Ground

  • Find Your Happy Place

  • 2014 Pedal Party- A community cruiser ride!

    Join us as we cruise through our 5th summer at the helm of the amazing UpaDowna Pedal Party in 2015! This family friendly, all ages cycling extravaganza is the perfect reason to saddle up and peddle around town during the beautiful summer months. Whether you ride a clunker, a fat bike, a trike, a unicycle, a tall big, small bike or anything in between we would be stoked to have you cruise with us this summer!