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  • National Park Service 2015 "Free Entrance" Days Announced

    The National Park Service has announced their 2015 "entrance free" days today. Be sure to mark your calendar for the following dates: 2014 remaining free days: -Nov. 11th, Veterans Day 2015 Free Days:
  • Ditch The Tent!

  • Taking A Moment To Reflect

    Here at UpaDowna Basecamp in the bowels of Pure Bouldering Gym in Colorado Springs Co, I am looking at a disheveled office, a coffee cup that was long ago left for dead, and several large white boards. Each white board is filled with tasks, to-dos, events, strategies, and other things that come together in a perfect confluence to make UpaDowna programs and events happen. It is the unfortunate yet necessary side to running any non-profit, or for-profit I imagine.
  • 2014 USA Pro Challenge-Springs Recap

    Every year, my goal as a promoter of outdoor adventure is to encourage someone new to cycling to get out and see the USA Pro Challenge. No matter if it is in our fair city, or if you have to travel to the Big "D" (Denver) to catch the finish...GO!
  • The Incredible Vodka

    Grain, rye, potato, wheat, grape, molasses, sugar cane, and on and on Vodka has many types of base and flavors making it great for all kinds of drinks and suitable for people with dietary restrictions. Other than delicious drinks like the Moscow Mule, vodka has another great use that not a lot of people know about. Ready for it? Insect repellent!
  • 2014 USA Pro Challenge- Back in Colorado Springs!

  • 2014 Give! Campaign & Events

    UpaDowna is thrilled to be chosen again as one of the 75 participating non-profits for the 2014 Give! Campaign sponsored by the Colorado Springs Independent and Pikes Peak Community Foundation!
  • Camping: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

    UpaDowna hosted it's 3rd "Adventure on Tap" speaker series this past Monday night and this time, we recorded it so that our fans nationwide could be a part of the discussion! Bear with us, it's our first recording but it does feature the slideshow the speaker used as well as him talking about each slide.
  • Time To Pass The (trail) Torch

  • Adventure on Tap Speaker Series

    Have you ever wanted to travel to Brazil or maybe the Philippines? What about go whitewater rafting down the Arkansas River or the Grand Canyon? Starting this summer, you'll have the opportunity to be inspired by these adventures and more. UpaDowna, in partnership with Bristol Brewing Company, is bringing you the "Adventure on Tap" Speaker Series starting on May 19th, 2014. Keeping on theme with our mission, we want to inspire individuals to pursue outdoor endeavors and this is one of the ways we hope to bring new and exciting opportunities to you.