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  • Flying Eagle POV Video and Beer Plumbing

    Eagles are awesome. Getting to experience what it is like to be an eagle flying is awesome-er! Check out this Go-Pro video of the action. And in other news, here is a video of a group of guys that replaced a friend's house water lines with beer. Truly a dream!
  • Damn You Mother Nature For Wrecking Our Trails

    You come flying down a steep hillside, dodging rocks and trees. Your chain looks like it’s suspended in a state of anti-gravity as it bounces back and forth, all while careening into a sharp hairpin turn at full speed. You’re caught in a moment where you and your bike become one as the back tire skids sideways through the corner of the turn sending a shower of dirt, mud, and rocks that spray across the side of the trail.
  • Until The Last Drop Falls and Beyond

    I sit here writing this, with the constant sound of rain hitting puddles just outside my window. Two streets away from me, countless properties have been damaged or even swept away. Our trails, parks and open spaces have suffered trail-altering and boulder-moving flooding. Lives lost, over 1,000 people unaccounted for, roads through valleys washed away, entire towns closed off from the rest of the world.
  • Trail Bites

    I've seen it all on the trail from backpacking trips with people trying to carry coolers filled with six packs and bacon, to people carrying very little and relying on the land for food. To each their own, and for me I eat like a champ!!!
  • The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

  • Summit For Children's Hospital Aug 24th

    We are so pleased to be helping out with this event to raise money for the Children's Hospital. Check it out and if you're interested we'd love to see you out there!!
  • Incline Decline

  • Forest Road 240

    Nested just West of Mt. Shavano along Highway 50 in the San Isabel National Forest lies Forest Road 240, and a hidden taste of Colorado beauty.
  • 2013 Springs Beer Fest

      We started August off right with New Belgium Brewing Company's Clips, Beer, and Film Tour. Today (August 3) we continue to party at the 2013 Springs Beer Fest. If you are in the greater Colorado Springs area come  by America the Beautiful Park and enjoy some refreshments from your favorite Colorado Breweries and some awesome hand crafted UpaDowna Pretzel Necklaces. If you find yourself out here today be sure to swing by our booth and show some love.
  • 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer

    Well, it's just me, MtnMama out here in this big world that is the Outdoor Retailer and while I don't have much time (we have two huge fundraising events this week) I have checked out a number of amazing companies! Here are some previews of what I have seen so far!