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  • Keep On Keepin On

    For those that are not aware I had my left shoulder rebuilt 6 months ago, you know all the fun stuff, the anchors, the scraping bones, tightening this and that, totally making me the 6 million dollar man for much, much less. But my needs are not as most folks that get their shoulders rebuilt from trauma, I want to ride and run and climb and ski and generally get down with my bad self. I want to be better than I have been in the last decade since I injured my shoulder, I want to be AMAZING. 
  • Choosing A New Sleeping Bag

  • Q and A with Paralympic Skier Tyler Walker

    Living in Colorado Springs has so many perks! One of those is being so close to the Olympic Training Center. You never know who is going to be in our fine city or training out on our trails! One of those trails being the Manitou Springs Incline. I've had the pleasure of meeting some truly inspiring individuals out there and recently, a video of this outstanding Paralympian was posted on my Facebook page and I watched in amazement as this young man climbed the Manitou Springs Incline, on his hands.
  • The National Parks Wine Collection

  • Crescent Moon Ranch, Sedona, AZ.

      Sedona, AZ. has always been a place of intrigue, mystery, and lore. The area is said to be one of healing powers, energy vortexes (vorteces), and a hot spot for Extra Terrestrial visitations. None the less it's a special place, where people from all around the world travel to, to experience it's legendary powers.
  • Ready, Set, GO! Planning your race season with community in mind

    The running race season is upon us and many of us are already making plans or registering for races we want to do. Others are new to running and have made a goal or were convinced to do a race with friends. Here's some helpful tips on choosing wisely when registering for races.
  • New Belgium Brewing Clips Beer and Film Tour

    New Belgium Brewing Clips Beer and Film Tour is coming to a town near you...and UpaDowna!   Thursday, August 1st from 7:30-10:30pm, plan on cruising down to America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs to enjoy this amazing event! 100% of the beer sales will benefit UpaDowna and Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates! Hope to see you there!  
  • Staying Strong- How Active Communities Can Help Heal the World

    For many people, a Marathon is a tough goal to achieve. Months and months of hard work and training go into preparing the body to run 26.2 miles. For some, it is "just another marathon" but for others, it's their very first one. No matter what the case, the 2013 Boston Marathon will be one that the American and Running community will never forget.
  • Chaco Canyon

  • UpaDowna named Earth Day "Greenie" Award Nominee! Vote for us!

    Earth Day in Colorado Springs is so special, it's an Earth MONTH! April is full of fun events all month long and UpaDowna will be a part of them!