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  • So this girl walks into a bar in Africa...

    No its not some cheesy bar joke, its actually why I'm writing this article today. We'll get back to the bar in Africa a little later.
  • Pay It Forward

    As a nonprofit UpaDowna always appreciates any and all donations however big or small that are made to us. Needless to say we were blown away last night when one Joy Rider decided to graciously donate his bicycle to us after the ride. We've bought a few extra bikes and have tried to repair others in the past so that we always have extras on hand for those that need a loaner. This bicycle will be of great use and is a blessing to us.
  • Vandalism, Graffiti, and Bears Oh My!

  • 2013 Colorado Venus de Miles

    Watch out guys, this ride is only for women! The Venus de Miles is Colorado's ONLY all-women road ride featuring a 28, 65 or 100 mile course to accommodate all riders and skill levels.  
  • Lost Creek Wilderness Get Away- Trip Report

  • What We DO.

    "So, what does UpaDowna do exactly?" We get this question a lot. And while we question why someone didn't just read the "About Us" section of our website, we politely and gladly tell them what we do. Here is a fine example of using no words to describe it. Watch this great video by our friend Jeff Arnold and you'll be able to create your own answer to "So, what does UpaDowna do exactly?"  
  • Tip Of The Day: Scavenge

  • Why We Ride

  • Best Friend. Worst Enemy.

    So 24 hours ago I was my own worst enemy. I punished myself by NOT signing up for today's 2nd leg of the Triple Crown of Running, the Summer Trail Round-up 12k, because I had not been "training". Why sign up I thought? Why allow yourself the satisfaction of that medal around your neck and a cool finisher tee-shirt on?
  • New Belgium Clips and Beer Tour- ColoRADo Springs made the cut!

      Like Beer? Come volunteer! UpaDowna and Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates are looking for help to host the New Belgium Brewing Clips Beer & Film for the FIRST TIME EVER in Colorado Springs! Up to 18 varieties of NBB beer on tap and pair them with inspiring short films created by fans. 100% of the proceeds from beer sales benefit Medicine Wheel and UpaDowna!