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  • Where The Yellowstone Goes - Movie Release

    For anyone that has breathed deep the fresh air of the wild lands, or wet a line in the calm morning hours simply enjoying the serenity of being will no doubt be completely entranced and hopefully motivated by this amazing film. Recently coming off of a very successful film tour Where the Yellowstone Goes will be available on DVD and BlueRay starting Oct 23 2012. Also available are the amazing soundtrack and poster art from the film. 
  • The Waldo Waldo 5K Walk & Run

    Name three things Colorado Springs is famous for. Garden of the Gods? Air Force Academy? Good beer? Well, if "community" wasn't on your list, it should be. During the Waldo Canyon Fire, many neighbors, businesses, and even strangers pulled together to help support the families evacuated from their homes, the 346 families that lost their homes and the numerous firefighters, EMTs, Police and U.S. Forest service personnel that helped fight that fire.
  • VeloSwap 2012 This Weekend In Denver

  • 2012 Vail Challenge

  • Malcolm, YOU ROCK man!

    I'm sure by now you've heard, or better yet seen the amazing video of little 4 year old Malcolm shred the trails of Highland Mtn Bike Park in New Hampshire! Dad strapped on a helmet cam to the little man and Malcolm narrates the ride. As a mom of a 5 year old, I have to admit, this video made me cry. Yeah, I might be a sap but it made me cry because it truly drives home the importance of GETTING KIDS OUTSIDE!!! This is one of the reasons why UpaDowna exists! And Malcolm, you better bet that you are now a honorary VIP of UpaDowna! Your t-shirt and stickers are on the way!
  • UpaDowna October Newsletter!

    Our October Newsletter is out! To read this month's exciting news, click here! If you would like to subscribe to it and hear about all of of upcoming events, click here! Adventure On! ~MtnMama
  • Should Wolves Be Re-Introduced to RMNP?

  • Catamount Ranch Open Space

    What a wonderful hike we had yesterday! Around 25 eager hikers (including about 9 kiddos) joined us for the 9am trek. Temps were a bit on the cooler side but for the most part, everyone came well prepared. After a small introduction to the hike, Yeti took us to the map so that everyone could get a lay of the land.
  • Tip Of The Day: Choose Your Battles

  • Pikes By Bikes!

    What would you do if you had the opportunity to cycle 19 miles up a paved 14er. Would you do it? What if you're a semi-active, new-to-cycling mom in her 30's...would you still do it?! Well, I had that opportunity and took it. I straight took that bull by the horns.