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  • First Ever On-Street Bike Parking in Colorado Springs

  • Companion Rescue Workshop with CAIC at A-Basin

    Recently, our friend Uncle Traveling Matt let us know about this event coming up on Friday! Check it out! Friday, February 08, 2013 Companion Rescue Workshop, 8:00am - 5:00pm Buy Now
  • Women’s Leadership & Adventure Summit

  • Sledding and Fat Bikes and Snowshoes OH MY!

    It's drier than a bone out here in the Front Range of Colorado and we need some snow! It just so happens that UpaDowna has access to a private ranch located west of Woodland Park that has a secret stash of the white stuff. This privately owned residence is a gem of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation and hosts a handful of events throughout the year including music festivals!
  • Get Up and Get Down to Get Kids Out! Vertical Challenge for GOALS Non-Profit

     GOALS ("Get Outside And Learn Something"), is a Colorado non-profit group that offers outdoor education for kids through wilderness rafting trips. We have been lucky enough to have a few convos with the good folks behind this mission and LOVE what they are doing for kids with water!
  • Public Service Announcement- Because It Matters

  • Manitou Incline LEGAL Feb. 1, 2013!

    Feb. 1st, 2013 will be a BIG day for the cities and people of Colorado Springs and Mantiou Springs. If all goes according to plan, with the help of Obama's signature as well...the Manitou Springs Incline will be LEGAL to hike. That's right, you read correctly.... LEEEEgal!
  • Mtn-Op Has Screaming Deals On Gear

    Now that the madness of the holidays have passed we can get back to our lists of must have, really really really want, and just plain need it gear. And while you'll potentially spend hours searching the vast expanse that is the known as the world wide web tripping on one discount site after another, comparing deals researching pros and cons, hopefully checking our reviews and finally taking the plunge and scoring some sweet gear...just to see it cheaper elsewhere after you just completed the purchase.
  • Vote MER For Backpacker's BEST Used Gear Shop!

    Here at UpaDowna, we have a home team favorite! Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. (MER) was nominated as one of 10 Best Used Gear Shop in the U.S. and can get to #1 with your vote! Why vote MER? Well, if you've been there, you already know. If you haven't, let me paint a picture for you:
  • New Year's Tips From The South Pole

    Well, here we are, 2013 is breathing down our necks, or for some of you...has already attacked. What are you going to do about it? Have you made any resolutions? Have any big goals for the new year?