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  • Changes at Cheyenne Mountain State Park

  • Safety During Hunting Season

    It's getting a lot colder out there, but there are still plenty of things you can do to make your outdoor experience the best that it can be. The most important factor to all of this is your safety. We've talked about many different ways to ensure your safety, from respecting wildlife to weather, but one thing we haven't hit a lot on is sharing the wilderness areas with hunters.
  • Black Friday

    Is anyone braving the crowds today??? Are there any top secret killer deals that we should know about? I'm not very up to date on who is having the best blow out sales or anything like that, but I do know a guy who has website dedicated to providing us year round on all the best online deals for our favorite gear. Check out to stay up to date on deals and avoid the mayhem! Locals be sure to check out Mountain Equipment Recyclers Inc. for great deals all the time!
  • What It Means To Be Present

    Across my mind I could not find the words, I may have wandered long and hard to describe the yearning I feel for adventure. But the words escape me, fortunately a young lady from Santa Fe was able to write them for me, with out even knowing it or me...she was speaking for me, she was speaking for you. Take a few moments out of your scattered ADD day and read her article Born To Be Wild taken from Outside Magazine as written by Katie Arnold aka Raising Rippers.
  • 'Tis The Season!

    It's hard to believe, but, is November already! If you're like me, you haven't purchased one single gift for any of your family or friends. Never fear, UpaDowna is here! For your donation to our non-profit, you can send your loved ones some sweet gear! UpaDowna stickers free with purchase! Here's what we have: Shirts:
  • Levitator Lounge Libation Station

    What has 1 steering wheel, 2 umbrellas, 4 wheels, 8 seats, 16 pedals AND a bartender? The Levitator Lounge Libation Station, that's what! This crazy contraption was put together by local Colorado Springs cycling nuts (and I mean that in a good way) Cory Sutela, Dave Chadwell, Tom Brown & friends.
  • Vote for 2013 Adventurers Of The Year!

    This always gets me revved up! I love the folks that are dialed and ready for adventure exploration, while so many of us are not able to go to these extremes this is definitely a way to inspire our own adventures!! Now you can vote for your favorite and get into the action.
  • Stop SkiLink!

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  • Epic Pass

  • UpaDowna Coffee...It's Delicious!