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  • Zombies

  • Ultimate Survival #2

    For the first installment of Ultimate Survival we went over the common tampon as a practical piece of a gear. This week we're stepping it up a notch and going over something that could easily save your life, shelters. 
  • Ultimate Survival #1

    Over the next few months or so I am going to write a bit about some amazing survival techniques and items that could ultimately be used to save your life.   
  • Gearing up on a Budget

      Retail prices now a days for outdoor gear and equipment can be ridiculous. For the amount of money we pay, it seems like your gear should do all the work for you. The net total can be especially hard for income less thru-hikers, local scouts, and one or two times-a-year campers. Here are some tips on how to reduce cost and still enjoy the great outdoors.  Do Not Purchase unnecessary gear.
  • Attitude Of Gratitude

  • Get Your Vehicle Un-Stuck Right Meow!

    Being outdoor lovers and adventurers we often push the limits too far and find ourselves in situations that we regret. Everyone is guilty of it here and there, but hey that's part of the adventure. The trick to getting out of situations like these unscathed is preparedness. One such example is getting your rig stuck in snow. Winter is upon us and here is a couple of quick tips to getting your vehicle out of a stuck in snow situation. 
  • Service Or No Service

    When it comes to opinions on cell phones in the outdoors I see people going in all directions. Yes, when I leave town I like to get away, and having a cell phone on me while constantly checking it really defeats the purpose. Well, don't check it! 
  • Tell Us About Your Day Bag

    What’s In Your Day Bag You’re not always hiking and backpacking, as much as you wish you were. What’s in the day bag – your day bag – the one that gets you from home to work to the trail or getting the kids to their hockey game or your weekend getaway, that makes it easy to move from here to there. So what’s in your day bag? Tell us about your Day Bag
  • Busloads of Bullsh!#

    I'm banning Toys'R'Us forever and here's why you should too: "Nature sucks, buy more toys." "Consume more, don't use your imagination." "Stay indoors, nature is boring." These are only some of the mottos I learned from watching the Toys'R'Us video "Busloads of Wishes" but I'll let you watch and see the Busloads of Bullsh!# for yourself:
  • In-kind Donation "Wish List"

    Basic office supplies Laptop in good condition with wi-fi capabilities Projector/screen Outdoor books Topo Maps 6 Walkie Talkies Kids Binoculars 20 Compasses