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  • Keep On Keepin On

    It is gently raining on Colorado's Front Range today. Fortunately I am inside watching it through the window enjoying the cup of coffee from the comfort of my cozy mountain home. Aside from the raining this is much like any other morning for me. I have yet to have breakfast, the boy is eager to play, the coffee is warm and I am slowly preparing for the day. However I am smiling grandly with every sip of coffee I take, sip after sip is followed by a grin of pure enjoyment.
  • Steve Larsen R.I.P.

    Another sad day in the cycling and triathlon world. A threat to any competitor he faced, Steve Larsen has passed unexpectedly of a heart attack at the youthful age of 39. Steve Leaves behind his wife and five children. Our thoughts got out to all of his family.
  • Spadout

    I am conflicted as to whether the internet is a black hole of mind sucking nonsense or the most amazing thing ever and lately I seem to default to the latter.
  • Carnage- Added A Gnarly Pic

    So a buddy of mine and I went for a quick spin this morning through one of the local state parks. All was well the track was tacky the weather was perfect and no real complaints about the ride other than the fact it seems like there is never a warm up. Our routine is fairly standard, basically we unload the bikes hop on and hammer.
  • Makes Me Proud!

    Just got this pic in from our buddies at Mud, Sweat, and Beers. [caption id="attachment_2234" align="aligncenter" width="434" caption="Powered by Volkswagon and PBR sponsored by UpaDowna"][/caption] For pictures of other traveling Up
  • Ride Of Silence

    Brought to my attention by UltraRob this is a great way to pay homage to our fallen brothers and sisters that have either died or been injured by automobiles. The Ride Of Silence group was founded in 2003 foll
  • REI Rents Gear?!?!

    Sheesh, who knew? I just discovered that R.E.I. (Recreational Equipment Outfitters) one of the largest outdoor retailers also rents gear. What an addition to their already impressive list of benefits to the member. REI has humble beginnings in Seattle where it was founded in 1938 as a way for mountaineers to get a hold of some of the climbing gear we lacked here in the states but was found in abundance in Europe.
  • A Lot Of Nothing Going On

    It is a slow day so far..only 7am and outside my window I see little more than a few lilac blooms peaking through the cloud that has stalled around my house, yea, a cloud not fog...I promise. Up until now I've made coffee and contemplated the business of the day. I really should get outside and check on the garden then organize my gear, I should infact then go through the calendar and plan a few trips. I might even go to the climbing gym or for a mtb or road ride or perhaps just a walk in the woods. Don't know what I will really end up doing today.
  • Earning Their Keep: "4 Deserts" Foot Race

    Imagine this: running the equivalent of five consecutive marathons across the extreme terrain of southern Africa in the blistering 120 degree heat with no support or equipment other than what you carry on your back all the while knowing you payed $3,100 plus travel expenses to put yourself through it all.
  • RAAM Trailer