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  • RMNP: Bear Canisters Required

    As of last Friday, May 1st, 2009, all overnight backpackers in Rocky Mountain National Park are required to carry and store their food in bear-proof canisters. From scanning the internet it appears that this change in policy is being met with some dismay from the backpacking community. Ultimately, the policy is well-intentioned to protect the Park's bear community, as once a bear gets a taste for people food he'll always come back for more, making it a "problem bear." Problem bears are euthanized. Here is the Denver Post article on the change, which is lackluster at best. They're city-folk, don't hold it against them. Here is the same story from, which offers a little more information.
  • Simple

    Mountain biking is not about what terrain you conquer, it's about how many new friends you have at the bar after the ride.
  • Quicky

    Oh yeah... but not what you think, sickos! Just walked in the door from Fruita, CO and the glorious Fat Tire Fest, we had a blast got a few good rides in and I made some interesting insights into the pain and pleasure of trying to ride a single speed up Moore Fun from west to east which I am absolutely with out a doubt convinced is much tougher than riding east to west.
  • Grand Canyon R2R2R

    Just when I didn't think Brownie can impress me any more this guy pulls it off. Sure I was impressed by his addiction to ultra distance races, such as the HardRock 100, Leadville 100, Pikes Peak Marathon and a slew of others that I don't have the time to get into, but come on!! This joker just drove down to the Grand Canyon and ran from one rim down to the bottom up the other side and back again!! And he made it all in 13 hours fueled on nothing more than stubbornness and PBRs.
  • A Thing Of Beauty

    I just got wind of this from the folks over at and was pretty intrigued.
  • The Keen Appeal

    As we launch into summer it's time to break out the sandals and water shoes in anticipation of great and potentially wet adventures. One of the greatest feelings when exploring is to find a mountain stream or swimming hole and dip your feet in for nice cool off.
  • Helpful Biking How Tos

    As we slip into summer some of you will no doubt be waking your rigs out of their hibernation. Others of you that never gave your rigs a break will no doubt need to give them some love and tune em to thrash them this spring/summer. Listed below is a few sites that have been helpful to me over the seasons. I have compiled a few of the great online resources for everything cycling maintenance related.
    Bike, Tips
  • Teva Mountain Games 2009

    Man am I getting amped up for the Teva Mountain Games!!! Last year we had a blast checking out this great venue for tons of great sports. For a little beta check out these posts as well as The Gear Junkie's info. Here is some info on this year's games.
  • Will Ferrell Man Vs. Wild!!

    HAHAHA Found this courtesy of the folks at Backpacker, American funny man Will Ferrell joined Bear Grylls for a two night survival trip!
  • Backcountry Coffee

    One of the lifelong battles coffee fiends have is how to make a decent cup of joe in the backcountry. I love the taste of a fresh cup of coffee in the early morning regardless of where I am, especially if I am camping. Warms the body, soul and mind! For some folks they forgo coffee for tea simply because it is easy to carry into the backcountry. Others go so far as to bring a handy dandy espresso machine!!!