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  • Just Wait Five Minutes

    Warning: This is a bit of a rant. While "just wait five minutes" could be referring to a wide range of topics it seems to me that if you live in Colorado you will most likely hear this in reference to the weather. Coloradans like to belt it out when every a comment is made about the weather with much the same enthusiasm as the Texans when they hear "the starts at night are big and bright" and it seems almost hardwired for them to all respond in kind "deep in the heart of Texas". Sheesh! This late winter and early spring has finally displayed the truth of this local saying.
  • To Bonk Or Not To Bonk...

    Have you ever experienced the feeling of utter lack of energy, like there is no way you can possibly move. Not the "oh I am tired and don't want to move" more of the "I can't move". If you have ever felt this way then you have bonked, hit the wall, canned out, and the list goes on and on. Regardless of what you call it, this feeling refers to glycogen depletion.
  • Gift Of Love

    This was brought to our attention by our buddy Mike Hahn of Mud, Sweat, and Beers fame. By the way Hahn means "cock" in German, and although unrelated I thought some of you would appreciate it!
  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Traveling

    [gallery link="file" columns="2"] If you have some great pics of your traveling UpaDowna sticker send it to us and we will post it up in a gallery!
  • How To Choose The Best Waterproof Jacket

    When facing a new gear purchase you should be as prepared as possible before slapping your money down. Get the facts and understand what you are buying. This goes for everything from carabiners to tent stakes and everything in between. When it comes to outdoor gear a good waterproof jacket is one of those products you don't want to be left with that under performs. One of the most key pieces of equipment when in inclement weather is your outer layer. Responsible for keeping you dry or warm or both. Ensuring that you find a product that meets your individual needs is very important.
  • Neat Trick

    This world and it's creatures never cease to amaze me.
  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!

    We finally have some schwag! That is right folks now you can show your devotion to the UpaDowna lifestyle by pimping one of these great stickers. Get one for your water bottle one for your bike, one for your neighbors car, one for your forehead. Now you shouldn't think of these stickers as one dimensional, they serve many purposes.
  • Busy Busy

    Unfortunately I have been a bit busy lately and just wanted to stop in and say howdy. Among the many projects I have been working on include; working up a new set up for my rig, ensuring that the new UpaDowna stickers are coming in soon, field testing the Ergon BD2 pack and testing some new boxed wine!!
  • Outward Bound Instructor Dies During Trip

    Travis Lizotte a 25 year old Outward Bound instructor died tragically when an ice bridge he and his team were crossing collapsed while attempting to summit Mount Tronador near Bariloche, Argentina. The Outward Bound 72 day course was attended by 11 students and 3 instructors.
  • Colorado Says "No Real Beer For You!"

    At least not outside of liquor stores and bars. Colorado House bill 1192 fizzled out during the house vote yesterday! Yep the vote came down to the wire yesterday and unfortunately or fortunately, what ever, Colorado grocers and gas stations will not be allowed to sell real beer only the 3.2% crap. I was kinda pulling for this one because I really dig Trader Joe's.