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    SERIOUSLY!!! The all new CARBON FIBER Blur!!!! Ever since I picked up my Blur XC a few years ago I wondered if it could get any better. Now I guess it has.
  • Rescued: British Couple Adrift for 40 Days

    Pretty amazing story. Apparently a British couple suffered rudder damage on their 13 meter yacht about half way into their trip across the Atlantic from Cape Verde to Antigua.
  • Outstanding Weekend!!

    This weekend was a great weekend to get out and about in Colorado Springs, CO. We had quite a group of folks get together at all of the events. Here is a breakdown of the weekend. Saturday started around 10 A.M. with the 1st annual Peak Region Cyclist Bike Show.
  • Brent Thomson R.I.P.

    Brent Thomson, the man behind the masterfully built single track in Bootleg Canyon has died.
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival 2009

    If you have never been to one of these showings you are truly missing out. I just scored my tickets and am pumped!!
  • snObama

    As a buddy and I crossed over Loveland Pass and began to descend towards Arapahoe Basin we rounded a curve to find a stretch of the highway lined with cars parked along the shoulder, an unusual occurrence for this particular portion of the highway. Most of the drivers and passengers were standing on the shoulder as well looking and taking pictures.
  • Beer Logic

    This is a guide to help you figure out exactly what is going on should you become too inebriated to think on your own. However if you are in said state of inebriation I doubt you have the wherewithall to whip this out and read it. So it is better for you to simply memorize it, or have it tattooed on your forehead (backwards so you can read it).
  • Holy Beer Tax!

    A recently proposed beer tax has beer drinkers and producers irate. In Oregon there is a tax increase amounting to 1,900% on a barrel of beer!! Yes that is one thousand nine hundred percent!!!
  • Lance Armstrong's Bike Stolen

    Lance Armstrong's time trial bike was reportedly stolen out of his truck today.   This was a one of a kind bike, so if you see it cruising around town and it is not Lance riding it throw a Kryptonite bike lock at them and score the reward!!
  • Lance Armstrong Setting The Record Straight

    This video has been floating around the web since the interview a few days back, basically Paul Kimmage a British reporter had previously made some rough remarks about Lance Armstrong.