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  • Colorado Says "No Real Beer For You!"

    At least not outside of liquor stores and bars. Colorado House bill 1192 fizzled out during the house vote yesterday! Yep the vote came down to the wire yesterday and unfortunately or fortunately, what ever, Colorado grocers and gas stations will not be allowed to sell real beer only the 3.2% crap. I was kinda pulling for this one because I really dig Trader Joe's.
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm

    I have never nor will I ever, claim to be a runner, I am not genetically predisposed to be one.
  • Getting Naked Pays Off

    53-year-old Australian cyclist Yair Kellner, already a certifiable bad ass for simply entering the 350 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational from Knik, AK to McGrath, AK has one up-ed himself with his survival instinct. Kellner had entered the race as a bike competitor where he was required to pedal, push or drag a beefy bike laden with supplies across Alaska in what is billed as the worlds longest ultra winter race!
    Bike, Survive
  • Women's Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs

    Check it out!!! The Women's Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs or WMBA of COS is in full effect!!! What a great way to start the spring season. This group of local hammers have let their powers combine to found the WMBA of COS as well as Sunna Racing.
  • SW Colorado Anti-Resort

    Having a craving to stretch my legs a bit and set out on a winter adventure, I recently left home and traveled to southwestern Colorado under the disguise of "greatly underspoken skiing/snowboarding consultant for UpaDowna". We originally planned for 3 days at Wolf Creek, but when my traveling partner suggested we try to get in some time at Silverton Mountain how could I refuse?
  • Yes I Can!!

    Buy new tires for the singlespeed!! Whoo hoo.
  • Old News

    I stumbled upon this video today. It is a piece by the New York Times about the Leadville 100 MTB race and the epic battle last year between reigning champ Dave Wiens and Tour de France phenom Lance Armstrong. I know that it is old news. Dave won by 1 minute to claim his 6th title over the brutal race. However this video makes it real, the passion and intensity is awe inspiring. This is not a high intensity deep thumping base line video, rather it is a well balanced calm look more into Dave's personality.
  • Climbing Training

    Last fall I wrote about the value of a climbing board a.k.a. finger board.
  • Banff Mountain Film Fest

    Pretty epic day yesterday. I had the good fortune to get a solid 3 1/2 hour ride on the single speed with a bunch of great riders. Tons of rolling single track mixed with some gnarly technical rock sections, a few of which I cleaned unexpectedly!! Whoo Hoo! After the ride I was able to head out to the Banff Mountain Film Fest here in Colorado Springs and thoroughly enjoyed not only the great compilation of films but a few sneaky PBRs as well.
  • Wend Magazine

    wend (wend) v. wend·ed, wend·ing, wends To proceed on or along; go: wend one's way home. v.intr. To go one's way; proceed. [Middle English wenden, from Old English wendan.] Wend is the magazine for those of us that enjoy the outdoors.