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  • Great Outdoor Related Gift Ideas

    I have compiled a list of gift ideas that are always a welcome addition to my gear stash, partly in hope that my family reads this and gets the stuff but also as a means to guide those of you searching for that perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life.
  • Corral Bluffs: Colorado Springs' Newest Open Space

    There should be a resounding WHOOHOO from Coloradans this week. Colorado Springs city council approved the purchase of this 522 acre parcel just east of the city. Corral Bluffs has been on a roller coaster ride the past few months, with the speculation that it might have once been well on its way to be a OHV park, it is now destined to be a dedicated Open Space.
  • Teva Mountain Games 2009

    I just got this email concerning the future of one of the most inspiring outdoor festival/competitions in the world. Thought you guys would like a look.
  • Climbing All Year With A Finger Board

    With the leaves all but gone and the temperatures dropping rapidly it becomes more difficult to get out side and keep in shape. Some will tough it out, others will default to the gyms while others will simply hibernate and grow fat and lazy.
  • Walk On Ice with Home Made Screw Shoes

    I heard about this simple and ingenious way to modify my trial runners to deal with icy conditions through a buddy, and after a bit a research I found out that a local club called the Incline Club had a "how to" on making these bad boys. Basically I dug out an old pair of my trail runners, in this case a pair of
  • Subaru Takes To The Slopes

    What an epic video. UTM just bought a Subaru I wonder if it will do this stuff...
  • Front Range Fruita

    This weekend I am taking a group down to Pueblo Reservoir, CO for a late season single track session. The plan is to head down there Saturday morning, stop in Vance's Bicycle World so folks without gear can rent what ever they need. Then head out to the Reservoir and hit some of the single track.
  • My New Ride!!!

    I recently picked up this sweet '72 3-speed Schwinn Town and Country trike. I grabbed it because I had one like it in college and always wished I had never gotten rid of it.[gallery] Now it is mine again! Unfortunately while this type of bike is great around a town, especially one like Flagstaff where I went to college, here in the mountains it really does not work too well. Too many brutal hills and I think we might have 500 feet of flat ground in my entire town! So I am going to haul it down to Juice Box's house and store it in his garage.
  • LED Brake Pads for Bikes

    I ran across a set of these Promax Ipad w/LED Brake Lights the other day in a local shop and thought this was a pretty neat idea. Given the rising fuel prices there has been recent influx of cyclists onto the streets.
  • Top 15 Ski Resorts in America

    Outside magazine recently released its choices of top 15 resorts in America. While Outside is geared more towards all outdoors activities, the gentleman that compiled this years list is none other than Marc Peruzzi, who currently holds the reigns as editor of Skiing Magazine.