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  • To Bonk Or Not To Bonk...   5 years 2 weeks ago

    Which is different that to boink or not to boink.

  • To Bonk Or Not To Bonk...   5 years 2 weeks ago

    I'm no nutritionist, but I've had good luck with jelly donuts. I find if I eat 1 an hour on the hour, at 33 carbs a pop, I can stay awake for 5, maybe 6 hrs in a row. As an added bonus, the 4g of fiber means I've had half my daily allowance before it's time for a nap.

  • The Weather Can't Be Beat!!   5 years 2 weeks ago

    [...] wet and cold should the weather change. Then again this April morning could turnout much like this January day, if I just wait five [...]

  • To Bonk Or Not To Bonk...   5 years 2 weeks ago

    I happen to be a fan of the Carb BOOM gels ( Tried the Gu and hated the texture - felt like trying to swallow snot. Carb BOOM uses natural fruit puree for flavoring and has no artificial flavors, color or sweeteners - if that's important to you. The apple flavor tastes like a McDonald's Apple Pie - yummy - and there are a few flavors that supplement with caffeine. As with most sport nutrition supplements, just be sure you sufficiently hydrate so you don't have to bail in the middle of the race to take care of any bowel emergencies. It's bad enough to see dog crap all over the trails...

  • To Bonk Or Not To Bonk...   5 years 2 weeks ago

    As long as I fuel correctly, I can keep moving longer than I can stay awake. The Fireweed 400 in Alaska took me over 22 hours & I was stopped for a total of 9 minutes that included adjusting the cleat on my shoe, using asthma inhalers and bodily functions. The Furnace Creek 508 took just over 38 hours with no sleep and no stops over a few minutes.

    Although nearly all of us have enough fat to go for days, we burn through the glycogen fairly quickly. Without a constant intake of carbs during exercise, we run out. Without the carbs, even the fat burning doesn't work as well.

  • National Audubon Field Guides   5 years 2 weeks ago

    I was given the southwest region wildflower guide as a birthday/going away gift...may have been one of the best. Great review on an oft-forgotten gift :)

  • National Audubon Field Guides   5 years 2 weeks ago

    Those really are handy books. I've used my Rocky Mountain one so much that the pages are starting to fall out. I like that they have compacted them to a backpack-friendly size. In addition to these generalized regional guides they also have guides specific to Wildflowers, Mushrooms, Fishes, Birds of Prey, etc, that are handy as well.

    My one gripe: Apparently the National Audubon Society failed to find any notable flora or fauna in the Bible-belt states. Good luck finding info on Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, or the Dakotas. Not that anyone would intentionally go to any of those places....

  • How To Choose The Best Waterproof Jacket   5 years 2 weeks ago

    This is so helpful,

    I have been looking for some advice for a while on what the best quality waterproof jacket is, without breaking the bank!

    You have been really helpful...the video was so informative!

  • Gift Of Love   5 years 3 weeks ago


  • Gift Of Love   5 years 3 weeks ago

    Also unrelated, but necessary for complete understanding... Mike translates roughly as "legendary".

  • Gift Of Love   5 years 3 weeks ago

    Bacon is the reason I cannot be a vegan.

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Traveling   5 years 3 weeks ago

    Fun videos, thanks for sharing them. You guys are going to have to train Rudy to retreive! Your feet will stay more warm and dry!

  • How To Choose The Best Waterproof Jacket   5 years 3 weeks ago

    Yes, there's so much to choose from when it comes to outdoor clothing. You need a different waterproof jacket for climbing, hiking or cycling, not to mention running or water rafting! And shoes can be even more tricky as you have to keep in mind what kind of surface you'll be walking/running on and in what kind of weather... Thanks for posting the video! Very helpful

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!   5 years 3 weeks ago

    [...] traveling UpaDowna sticker send it to us and we will post it up in a gallery! To get your stickers CLICK HERE! Share and [...]

  • Neat Trick   5 years 3 weeks ago

    Glad we could help!

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!   5 years 4 weeks ago

    I'm poor. Can I get a sticker for the $10 I donated to you losers a couple months ago? Promise to rock it on the beetle for at least the summer :)

  • Neat Trick   5 years 4 weeks ago

    Thanks! I was looking for another piece of my paper on the "Defense Mechanisms of Molluscs" that's due tomorrow - you guys are life savers!

  • Busy Busy   5 years 4 weeks ago

    I have two batches planned for this day. BEER

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!   5 years 4 weeks ago

    Hey Joe!! Good to hear from you buddy! You can email your phone number to and I will give you a call so we can meet up for pints and I'll get the stickers to you then! I also start teaching again real soon and you could talk to Ruth-Ann about when I'll be at the college.

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!   5 years 4 weeks ago

    hey whats up yeti its joe from ppcc winter survival class hey man im all over those stickers those are are sweet, i want ten of em or at least five, one problem im not apart of the credit world any suggestions on getin some another way? ill pay extra !!!

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!   5 years 4 weeks ago

    So who produced these ultra-sweet stickers? I may have to get one for my $10 bike to make it a $12 bike.

  • UpaDowna Stickers Are Here!   5 years 4 weeks ago

    Where is the heck were these when I took a spill on my bike (damn bearcat that was attacking me on the trail) and got some severe bruises on my leg that really made it hard for the ex-boyfriend to look at my legs while we were...never mind! I know what I am going to do now when I get nasty bruises! Thanks Yeti! BTW some interesting stuff is gonna come your way soon, so wait for it!

  • Universal Edibility Test   5 years 5 weeks ago

    Hey- another tip i have read about, if whatever you just ate or drank jacks your stomach / ass, you can do a charcoal slurry...

    Take charcoal from a cold fire. Grid it to a powder. Mix it with clean water. A suitable mix for diarrhea is about 1 tablespoon of charcoal to a cup of pure water.

    Charcoal will stop the diarrhea quickly by adsorbing the toxins that are causing the problem. Drink 1-3 glasses per day, until the desired results are achieved.

    Yes, charcoal slurry tastes awful. But the alternative is not so pleasant either.

    might be better than yaking blood :)

  • UpaDowna Stickers   5 years 5 weeks ago

    [...] projects I have been working on include; working up a new set up for my rig, ensuring that the new UpaDowna stickers are coming in soon, field testing the Ergon BD2 pack and testing some new boxed wine!! Juice Box [...]

  • Beer Logic   5 years 5 weeks ago

    Andria, feel free steal away!!!