P^Cubed Pants Review


MSRP: $110

Material: mid-weight nylon and cotton canvas

The Pick Pocket Proof Pants or P^Cubed Pants if you will, are a slick new creation from Clothing Arts, with theft protection for the traveling adventurer in mind.   

With 6 zipper and button secured pockets, a secondary drop section in each front pocket (a cell phone pocket), and an additional well hidden and protected secret security pocket, it would be a difficult task for any thief to masterfully sneak away with any of your possessions. The P^Cubed Pants live up to their name sake and then some. These bad boys are made from a mid-weight 25% nylon and 75% cotton canvas, that has the reliable 10 lbs. tearing strength of nylon. What all that means is, they can take a beating! As if the pants weren't strong enough the folks from Clothing Arts went ahead and added the technologies of Advanced Dual Action DuPont™Teflon® fabric protector that repels oils and liquids, while fighting and releasing stains. 

I didn't have the opportunity to test these pants on the mean streets or run them through TSA, but I did attempt to give them a little wear and tear on some of our fine Colorado trails and Pikes Peak Granite here on the Front Range. I was pleased with how well they held up. Being a 75% cotton canvas material I wouldn't wear them for an expedition, but as for a day hike they work great, and if you're a minimalist of sorts you can comfortably and easily carry most if not all your needs on you. I failed to mention it earlier, but they also come with a detachable bottle holder pocket. This is an awesome addition for situations just like this, or just to be hands free!      

The P^Cubed Pants wear and feel like a tactical pair of BDU military pants. They are a little firm, but definitely feel as if they will break in nicely and soften to a very relaxed fit over time. One feature they don't offer that I would love to see added is gussetted crotch for overall comfort and less restriction. It seems or at least it does to me, that no two clothing companies size things the exact same. I found these pants to run a little small compared to my normal wear. If I were to order another pair of these pants I would go up an inch larger in the waist and length.  

Overall, I think P^Cubed Pants are functional and tough, a great pair of pants! Just short of attaching a Master Lock to each of your pockets, these pants will keep you from falling victim to the slight of hand. It's on you to secure those pockets though. If not, it's like wearing a helmet while riding a motorcylce but not fastening it down.

I feel as if the designers from Clothing Arts are just scratching the surface with their adventure line of cargo pants and shorts. It's going to be fun to see what they'll do next. If you're a jetsetter, a day hiker, urban adventureist, whatever, I think you'll be able to utilize these versatile pants.  

For more information or to order your own pair visit the Pick Pocket Proof Pants website



Robert Mitchell Bunny

Bunny has frequently been called, “The Motivator” of UpaDowna. He resides in Colorado Springs, but is more likely to be found with his dog Coheed in the vast wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains.

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