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120 Minute IPA


The 120 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head is a succulent Imperial IPA sure to make your mouth pucker! So much in fact that Dogfish Head proudly coins the 120 Minute IPA the “Holy Grail” of IPAs. The secret is in the name. The hops are boiled for 12o minutes all while more high-alpha American hops are continuously added to the process. Dogfish Head wasn’t finished there though, for another month dry hops are added daily to the fermenter, then aged for an additional month with whole leaf hops. That’s a serious process for a serious beer! All this is great, but if the beer doesn’t taste good then it’s all for nothing.

The 120 Minute IPA pours to an orange-ish, copper body with a frothy full slightly off-white head, that fades fast. The aroma comes fast blasting at your senses, with noticeable citrus and alcohol scents. The taste is something out of this world, strong is an understatement. Boozy hops mixed with an earthy hop taste are the first in line on the palate. As for that strong alcohol-boozy taste, I hope you like it because it lingers around making a lasting impression on your taste buds. Looking at the tall ABV of 18% that taste and feel make a lot of sense and can do some work on you fast.

One or two of these is more than enough to make for a really good night. I backed mine with a Rampant IPA and some hot wings. If you plan on knocking one or two of these down I suggest doing it in the comfort of your own home or somewhere were you can kickback for awhile. This is one great beer that really packs a punch, but it is not a sessionible beer. If you’re a fan of hoppy strong IPAs or drinks of the sort enjoy it, but please do it safely.

Thanks for sharing one from your cache with me Bryan, cheers!




12 oz.

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