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2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show Goes To The Dogs – UpaDowna
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2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show Goes To The Dogs

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The 2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show was a blast! We could go over all the sweet new gear with you for days, and it looks like we just might. For now though, this post is going to the dogs. Per request by you, our readers, I was specifically asked to check out products for our four legged buddies. I found a couple different collars that were stopping traffic, as well as a dog toy company that's products are made from pre-consumer recycled fire hose materials. Overall I'm pretty excited to share with you what I found, so here goes. The first collar you see here is made by a new company known as Tuenne (pronounced 2N). While at their booth I was fortunate enough to chat with the company's CEO, Nicholas Miron. He was a really nice guy and he took the time to give me the inside scoop on their product. One thing that sticks out to me from our conversation is how all parts of this collar and leash are interchangeable and repairable, without having to replace the entire setup. The Mammoth collar is made from ergonomic Genuine Biothane® waterproof webbing, with a Duraflex™ side release buckle, and TYPE III Anodized 6061 aluminum components. Sounds pretty serious for a collar doesn't it???

Tuenne Mammoth Collar w/ the Tuenne O Ring rated at 5kN

Tuenne Mammoth Leash

The Mammoth leash features 3M reflective tracers throughout the rope, adding safety in low lighting. The carabiner clip pictured above has a wire gate, but a screw gate carabiner is also offered. Or you can just use some of your old climbing gear. Just like the Mammoth collar, all parts of the Mammoth leash are also replaceable. Check out the Tuenne website for more details. Have you noticed the resemblance this collar and leash has to your typical rock climbing gear? If you're a climber and want to make a statement, this setup is guaranteed to make your dog the coolest looking hound at Half Dome or El Capitan!


The Supercollar

Another interesting collar featured was the Supercollar. It's a retractable leash and collar all-in-one setup, I just had to see. If you frequent trails and areas where you like to let Fido off the leash, this might be exactly what you're looking for. With a simple twist of the latch your dog is free to run, without the dragging of a leash behind. Just as easy, when it's time to use the leash simply turn the lever parallel to the collar, pull the handle and you're back in control. The retractable leash is housed on each side of the collar (as pictured above), and is accented with 3M Scotchlite reflective material for added safety in low light conditions. Each steel cable of the retractable leash is rated at over a 100 lbs. break strength. Although Supercollar only recommends the collar for dogs up to 90 lbs. (sorry Ocho). The Supercollar allows you the convenience of letting your dog run free without dragging it's leash behind, or having you fumble around trying to get it off and on the collar. It also makes it easy to gain quick control over your dog as long as they're within arms reach. This comes in handy for pizza deliveries. Definitely great for camping dogs!

Full reviews will be provided on both collars in the very near future.

I stumbled upon my last dog product by chance. It's a relatively simple toy made by Katie's Bumpers out of Golden, CO. called the Bottle Tracker. It's made from tough, pre-consumer recycled fire hose material, and that's basically all it is. One end is stitched closed and has a sewn loop for tugging, while the other end is left open with velcro on the inside allowing it to be sealed after an object is placed inside. It's simple, it's strong, it's easy, and best of all it packs flat! Not that other toys are that much of a burden, but when you're backpacking with your pooch this simple feature will definitely help save some room in your pack.

With that being said I need to take the boys for a walk. I hope this meets the demands for you dog lovers out there.





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