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2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Route Announced – UpaDowna
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2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Route Announced

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Oh boy. Today, 9 towns that will play host to the 2013 USA Pro Challenge were announced and so far the feedback is less than great. After another stellar year (and a total of over $200 million in cumulative economic impact in only it's first two years), the USAPCC announced the 2013 route.

Monday, Aug. 19      Stage 1                    Aspen/Snowmass Circuit  
Tuesday, Aug. 20     Stage 2                    Aspen/Snowmass – Breckenridge
Wednesday, Aug. 21 Stage 3                   Breckenridge – Steamboat Springs
Thursday, Aug. 22   Stage 4                     Steamboat Springs – Beaver Creek
Friday, Aug. 23       Stage 5/ITT                Vail Time Trial
Saturday, Aug. 24    Stage 6                     Loveland – Fort Collins

Sunday, Aug. 25      Stage 7                     Denver Circuit

Immediately, folks started commenting on the USAPCC Facebook page and most comments were not too positive. One of the biggest complaints is that there is no Colorado Springs, Western Slope or even Boulder stages. Comments like; "No Colorado Springs?? Home of the OTC?", and  "How do you not come to the largest county in the state and the 2nd largest city?" and "No Flagstaff? Are you nuts?". Even our very own Jack Quinn's Irish Pub commented: "Hey folks, why no Colorado Springs this year? If I'm not mistaken the finish stage in the Springs was wildly successful. Tens of thousands of spectators lining the streets! What gives?"

Fans all across Colorado are showing more outrage than excitement over the announcement. Supposedly there is a large price tag that comes with hosting a stage and according to USAPCC:

"A number of criteria were taken into consideration when evaluating potential host cities, including full city services support. The race also considered commitments in the areas of lodging, volunteer recruitment, marketing and local tourism, as well as an ability to host world-class athletes and promote the State of Colorado."

Many folks are arguing the point that "it's supposed to be different every year", well in that case, why did Denver get to play host 3 years in a row? Just because it's the capitol? With the amount of support Colorado Springs showed for the race in terms of volunteers, fans and events in the past years not to mention the opening of the Pikes Peak Highway to cyclists year round, it seemed that we would be a shoe-in again. I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in the route as well, but I look forward to more details about the race coming in the spring to help me determine it's cool factor.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the 2013 route or think they could have done better?

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