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2015 Give! Campaign – UpaDowna
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2015 Give! Campaign

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For the third year in a row, UpaDowna is a proud participant in the Colorado Springs Independent’s and Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s “Give! Campaign”. Donate here!
As one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, we strive to get a matching grant to help jump start our campaign. Thanks to our 2015 Matching Grant sponsors CityROCK, The Steely Family, Sprinklers Etc., Inc, and the Dusty & Kathy Loo Fund of PPCF, they helped us to raise $5,750 as a matching grant! Now, it’s up to you! Our participants, volunteers, donors, supporters, sponsors and general public to help us MATCH that $5,750 for a total of $11,500 or MORE! The past two years, we were able to raise over $20,000 with your help! THANK YOU!

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This year, we will have many fun events on tap for you throughout the Give! Campaign, so keep a lookout on our events calendar as well as on this post. If you are not local, you can still participate by donating online starting Nov. 1st and continuing through Dec. 31st.

Friendly Give! Competitions:

Jumpstart Challenge! We are on a mission to WIN our category (Great Outdoors) by obtaining the largest number of donations (transactions) by 11:59pm on Nov. 11th! Help us win an additional $1,000 for our nonprofit by donating sometime during the first 11 days! Thanks!

Young Donor Challenge: Are you between the ages of 18-36? Then we need you! This could mean an additional $3,000 for our nonprofit if we have the most donors between those ages! The deadline for this challenge is Dec. 31st.

Help us win BOTH challenges! If you are a young donor, donate in the first 11 days to help! Thanks!

Give! B(l)ack Lager Beer Challenge: This is a favorite challenge for a lot of our fans! It’s drinking BEER! Starting Nov. 19th, not only does $3 of your purchase go back to UpaDowna (if you vote for us!), but also, we have a chance to split a $1,000 pot with two other nonprofits with the most votes by Dec 31st! Just stop into Bristol Brewing Co or any Old Chicago’s in Colorado Springs to drink and vote! Cheers!

Give! Events (some dates and details are yet TBD)


Wed. 4th- Rock the Give! Kickoff @ CityROCK

Sat. 7th- Vene-tutu-tuci Give! 4 the Community 4m Run/Walk (donate $25 or more to any nonprofit and claim it as a reward!)

Tue. 10th- Climb night @ CityROCK

Sun. 15th- 3rd Sunday Adventure– Red Rocks Hike (Woodland Park) & Shelter Building Class

Tue. 17th- Adventure on Tap Speaker Series Featuring: Luis Benitez

Wed. 18th- 3rd Annual Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament @ Bristol Brewing Co


Tue. 1st- The UpaDowna Karma Hour @ Bristol Brewing

Tue. 8th- 2nd Monday Madness Climb night

Tue. 15th- Adventure on Tap

Sun. 20th- 3rd Sunday Adventure

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