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21st Anniversary Birthday Suit


The 21st Anniversary Birthday Suit from Uinta Brewing Company is a sour beer that makes my mouth sing with joy. This celebratory beer reminds me a lot of New Belgium Brewing’s Le Terrior, which happens to be one of my all time favorite beers. The sour taste is spot on with a nicely balanced body and feel. The Birthday Suit pours to a hazy off yellow body with a thin white head that quickly dissipates. Did you eat War Heads as a kid? Lemon Heads, Sour Patch Kids? If so and you went back for more, sour beer might be your thing. They’re sort of a love or hate thing, I freaking love them! This beer and such of the style are pretty much the equivalent of these sour candies in the beer world. You’ll notice sweet fruity hop tastes along with a great carb feel that invites you to drink more and that’s when the sour follow busts right in. Those tart fruits and grains sit on the palate resonating with a sweet lingering taste that has just the right bite to it. The ABV is 6.30% which makes it all that much easier to drink more and more of. Don’t be fooled though, that mild 6.30% will soon be knocking you off your feet as you drink more and more while underestimating that ABV. This beer is damn good! It has everything you want in a sour, tart and tasty and easy to drink. This is one sour that I really enjoyed. I could knock back quite a few of these without slowing down. With a sticker price of $6.49 a bomber (much lower than most other quality sours), I could easily afford to drink these at the rate and quantity that I truly want to.

Cheers to Uinta Brewery and their 21st Anniversary Birthday suit.




22 oz.

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