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3 Golden Hairs


Today I broke away for a much needed escape to the mountains. It was an awesome day of adventure and exploration of a new area for me. I packed a nice little treat along too, and I even managed to keep it cold!

3 Golden Hairs Pilsner from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse was a crisp reward after a few good hours of playtime in the hills. The beer pours to a golden yellowish body with a fluffy white head. On the front of the drink bready was the taste and feel. For a pilsner I was pleasantly surprised at the hoppy taste it also added. It just made for a nice change up. There's also a little sweetness of a fruity essence lingering around. The feel is crisp and refreshing, with a very clean mouthfeel to it. 3 Golden Hairs is another artistically creative beer by Grimm that plays nicely into their theme of fairy tale beers. If you haven't had anything from these guys yet, you're missing out. This is the fourth style of beer I've had from Grimm now and I think I like them more each time. I'll soon be stocking my fridge with more of these fairy tales of beer! Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is another great addition to Colorado's awesome family of craft beer!




22 oz.

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