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3rd Sunday Adventure -Palmer Park

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Come out and join us in this amazing park nestled in the middle of our sprawling city. Palmer Park is an amazing 730 acres of splendid white bluffs of feldspar-rich sandstone called the Dawson Arkose and is of the Late Cretaceous age, about 60 million years old! 

The highest altitude within the park is approximately 6610 feet (2010 meters). Much of the layout consists of large sandstone bluffs, some with up to 80' sheer drop-offs, although most are smaller. Canyons exist between the sandstone bluffs throughout the park. The lay of the land is nearly completely natural. Scrub oak is very prevalent, along with Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Spruce. There are a few other species of trees, but they are rare. There is a large area of continuous yucca cactus known as Yucca Trail, covering about 20 acres. Cactus is present throughout the park, but only concentrated in this area. Water is scarce in the park, with no naturally running water in the park other than one small stream in the northernmost boundary of the park. Animals seen in the park include bear and mountain lion, but these are not common or permanent residents and are a rare sight. Deer, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, snakes, lizards and are all common sights. Eagles and hawks are also often seen soaring above the park. (referenced from wiki)

We will meet at the Yucca Flats TH and hike from there. Bring plenty of water and a sense of adventure! Well behaved puppies are allowed but if they are not we will ask that you separate from the group.

Here is a great map for reference and printing if you choose. Please locate the Yucca Flats trailhead so you know where to meet us.

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