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5.10 Anasazi Arrowhead


MSRP: $124.99

Sizes: 2-13

When I first put the 5.10 Arrowheads on I thought WTF. My feet felt uncomfortably tight and it didn't take more than a couple minutes for me to start longing for my old shoes which molded comfortably to my feet. Yeti was giving me all kinds of crap because I was whining like a baby and walking around like a penguin. The shoes were uncomfortable because I wasn't used to such an extreme down-turned toe. I only wore the Arrowheads for routes or problems that really pushed my climbing limits. For simple training I kept my old shoes nearby strictly for the sake of comfort.

A couple weeks went by of me switching the shoes in and out, but before long I was hooked on the Arrowheads! These shoes have an awesome down-turned toe for sticking on tiny razor edges and giving you a feeling of confidence while you're doing it. The place I noticed it the most was Shelf Road. The tiny little limestone edges that I was popping off of in the past were now sticking like glue! The dual Velcro straps made it easy for me to tear the tight fitting shoes off after a long route, while the dual heal loops made them easy to get back on.

5.10 has some of the best, if not the best rubber out there. The Anasazi Arrowheads sport a specific kind of rubber made by Stealth Rubber. The rubber is called ONYXX and is made specifically for hardness, edging, stickiness, and durability. It really works! I have climbed in these shoes for the last three months and there is no real signs of wear and tear. They are holding up much better than I anticipated and still sticking to those little edges.

I would recommend these shoes for anyone who needs to stick to miniscule edges or tiny pockets. These shoes are not made for beginner climbers and I would not recommend these shoes on multi-pitch climbs unless you have good belay stations to give your feet a break. Check these shoes out. Everybody has a different shaped foot so maybe you have some freakishly curved foot and these will fit like a glove. I doubt it. Always take your time in picking out a pair of climbing shoes to make sure you don't buy yourself a world of pain for no real reason. Look at what you are trying to accomplish (be realistic) and buy a shoe that will help you meet your goals.

Climb On!!!


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