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Aarn Load Limo

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MSRP: $360

Capacity: 75L +15L

Weight: 5.62 lbs

We've tried out some really great backpacks so far this year, and another one to add to that list is Load Limo by Aarn Bodypacks. The concept of a bodypack is to align the center of gravity between the load that is being carried, and the center of gravity of the body. The two centers of gravity working together allow your posture and balance to be unaltered by the load. It's all about distributing the weight throughout your entire torso, which reduces much of the weight bearing stress from your shoulders and hips that is common with traditional backpacks. Adding to the packs efficient style of carry, is the packs ability to flow with the bodies motion which they have dubbed FlowMo. By concentrating on carrying heavy weight comfortably through both the pack's center of gravity as well as your combined movement with the FlowMo system it truly allows the motion of the pack and you to move as one. Aarn has raised the bar, thought outside the box, and created the ultimate heavyweight BodyPack, the Load Limo.

With a carrying capacity of 75 liters in the main compartment and an additional 15 liters in the Expedition Balance Pockets located in the front, the Load Limo is the largest pack in the Aarn inventory. The large size of this pack might scare a few of you, but it really shouldn't. Once the pack is properly fit and customized to your body, you'll be amazed by its balance however heavy the load is. During testing I loaded a 75 lbs. sand bag from my truck in the main compartment and 24 PBR's (12 oz. cans) in the Expedition Balance Pockets. No real reason why, other than a few of us wanting to know how many beers the pockets could carry. An impressive 12 pack per pocket, with room for groceries in the back. Under blue skies I donned the fully loaded pack and I set out for a couple of hours in Palmer Park. The large trail network throughout the park, added with the large sedimentary rock formations littered through the park mixed for a great testing environment. Admittedly the pack got lighter the longer I hiked (thanks to easy access of PBRs), but my balance nor stamina were altered while conquering obstacles under the heavy weight of the pack.

One issue to be aware of with this pack is simply it's shear size. It's a big pack capable of carrying big loads, and it rides a little high. The pack completely absorbed the length of my torso, and then some. The lid of the pack sat against the back of my head. It did limit my heads range of motion slightly (looking straight up), but it wasn't uncomfortable and didn't effect anything else. Realize also that this a bodypack, and you will be wearing it, not just carrying it. There is more material here and it will be engulfing you. The Expedition Balance Pockets in the front can be unclipped and separated to allow more air flow. This might be something you would like to note for backpacking in the summer heat or more humid regions.

The Load Limo's ability to carry heavy loads comfortably is unmatched! Don't be intimidated by it's size or the unfamiliar style of carry with Balance Pockets in the front. You will quickly learn to love, utilize, and enjoy these extremely accessible pockets located on your chest! It's a great place to pack items that you might need in a rush (poncho, hat, sunglasses, etc.), highly used items (compass, map, GPS, camera, tools, etc.), and of course snacky cakes and BEER!!! If you're not a fan of beer it's also pretty convenient for hydration bladders and water bottles.

Key Features:

  • Expedition Balance Pockets included
  • 2 back lengths with instant torso-adjust, 14 cm range
  • U Flow, Free Flow, Multi Flow, and Flexi Flow
  • Removable Waterproof dri-liners
  • One compartment plus detachable lid pocket
  • Custom-mould frame with 2 vertical stays and load transfer tubes, 7075 alloy
  • Ultimate-fit hip belt (M)
  • Web-loc compression
  • Ice axe, snow shovel, crampon, and trekking pole attachments

If you have back issues or worry about having them in the future from carrying heavy loads, I strongly recommend you look into Aarn Bodypacks, specifically the Load Limo. Visit the Aarn Packs website to see their entire line of Bodypacks, accessories, and other equipment.



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