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nadia testimonial

Nadia Cordoba

After spending many years in Colorado, and not taking full advantage of all the outdoor activities we have, I decided it was time to unleash my adventurous side and try new things. Not sure where to start, I looked online for outdoors enthusiast’s groups and came across UpaDowna. After participating in a few events and I was hooked. UpaDowna’s mission is to make the outdoors accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. We want to encourage our community to experience the benefits of spending time outdoors, disconnecting from our technology- driven world, and be moved by nature. The more events I participate in, the more my motivation grew to bring our organization to others. Through UpaDowna, I have meet incredible friends, tried exciting new activities such as rock climbing, standup paddleboard, backpacking, camping and even hiked new trails throughout the city. Since getting involved with UpaDowna, my appreciation, knowledge and respect for the outdoors has grown exponentially, so has my bucket list!

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