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Randi Hitchcock aka MtnMama

Chief Operating Officer

After working as a Physical Education teacher for 8 years, MtnMama realized her true passion was outside and not in a gym. She switched it up by working for her husband, Steve Hitchcock at UpaDowna.  Being a mother and all around adventurer is one thing but she has also had experience with sales and retail at a local running shoe store, bike shop and has coached volleyball for 6 years. Her favorite activities still include volleyball which she has played since she was 12, her newly found love of stand up paddle boarding and also enjoys mountain biking, trail running and bouldering. She intends to introduce her son to all things outdoors so that he can enjoy it as much as she does. MtnMama truly believes that fate has a way of bringing kindred spirits and like-minded folk together in the outdoors so that they might make the world a better place!

Ryan Ross aka Papa Bear

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