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“Randi and Steve did an excellent job of teaching the SUP class – lots of pertinent information, with just enough humor to keep things light! Their demonstrations were clear and effective, and they allowed us enough time to practice one skill before moving on to the next. Awesome job, folks!” -Ingrid D.

We had a great time (at SUP Saturday Class). Thanks for all you do UpaDowna!” Kathleen Wilson

“I had a lot of fun at my first Paddle Party with UpaDowna. This was my first time out on a paddle board and I would do it again. They are such a great group to hang out with. A family, group, or just bring yourself. Smiles included. So go outside and play at the UpaDowna Paddle Party.” -Charles R.

It (SUP Saturday Class) was an awesome experience!” Shannon W.

“I have enjoyed all the activities. It’s a great group and I love the diversity.” -Lori M.

“Thank u 4 creating another bicycle-related obsession for me, dreaming of a snow bike now!” –Teri P.

“We had a blast. Thanks so much for the opportunity. You all rock.” –Scott H.

“UpaDowna makes me want to be outside at all times! Thank you for everything you do for our community.” –Maria A.

The Pedal Party is a great place to get comfortable with your bike. A lot of super cool folks to hang out with and a pretty easy ride to boot.” –John M.

“Thank you guys!! You are inspiring me to get off my a**.” –Mickey M.

“My second family! One of my top reasons for never wanting to move away.” –Luke R.

“Had a wonderful time at intro to climb night. Very nice meeting you randy and Steve. Please tag me in pictures from tonight so I can show my family. Great time! Looking forward to attending future UpaDowna events.” –Lisa Czelatdko, former COS councilwoman

“You guys rock!!” –Cody W.

“I can’t believe an experience this cool is FREE!” –Ken B.

“I love what UpaDowna does for the bicycling community.” –Tater Z.

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