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Agion Active Technology


Try everything, stink at nothing! That's a great slogan, but what is Agion? Agion is a highly effective technology that uses Agion LAVA™ along with silver to fight odor by way of its natural antimicrobial agents. Which is being used in textile products through controlled release of silver ions that attack microbes and inhibit their growth. Uh, what? It's pretty fascinating stuff really, but I'm not even going to attempt to explain it or act like I understand all the science behind it. How about this plain and simple, it's a technology being used to fight odor. How it works


I wanted to see for myself how well this worked. The shirt's odor fighters are supposed to regenerate with every wash, but I really wanted to push its limits. I decided a couple hikes and some wears to the gym should do the trick. I really wanted an honest opinion about my B.O. so I set up a lunch meeting with Yeti, being he's the most brutally honest person I have ever met. I arranged it so he would pick me up and be stuck with my stench in the confined area of the cab of his truck. We drove for about ten minutes and had plenty of conversation, but nothing came up about my odor. Nothing during lunch either. I started thinking maybe we were just too wrapped up in conversation during the ride over, and enjoying our food too much for it to interrupt. I knew the ride home would be different, but as we got closer to my house still nothing. Running out of time I finally asked if he smelt anything. He told me something smelt off or a little musty, but he couldn't tell what it was. I decided to let the cat out of the bag and fill him in on my little game. We both found the results of my little experiment to be quite shocking. I thought for sure he would have said something as soon as I got in his truck. We decided that the shirt did an amazing job trapping my odor. What we think we were smelling was the shirt itself, or better yet the technology in the shirt. If I had to guess I would say it was the Agion LAVA™. I'm not sure though, but the bottom line is the shirt worked. More importantly it worked great after multiple uses without being laundered! I went above and beyond in putting plenty of pungent odors into this shirt. If I would have stunk Yeti would have told me about it as well as everyone else I'm sure. I am now firm believer in Agion Active Technology. If it worked that well in a shirt, I can't wait to see (or smell) how well it works in a gym bag! Interesting in trying it out? Whether you play hard and sweat a lot, or maybe you're just trying to reduce your ecological footprint, visit for your chance to become an Agion Active tester today.




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