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Ahnu Twain Harte Women’s Winter Boots

  • Weight: 15 oz.
  • Material: full-grain leather and waterproof suede upper, luxe faux fur
  • MSRP: $170.00

If anybody knows that winter leaves Colorado late, it’s us here in Colorado Springs. We’ve had plenty of snow late in the season, even into May some years. Sometimes, the ski areas don’t close until June. So…I’m keeping this boot in my arsenal until I’m SURE the snow is done!

The Ahnu Twain Harte was love at first sight! I’ve been shopping for a boot that was fashion and function and this boot is it! With a waterproof yet breathable full-grain leather and waterproof suede upper, it’s prepared for the worst of weather. They feature a quick lock lace system and a great rubber toe protector.

The inside of the boot contains 200 grams of Thinsulate (synthetic fiber thermal insulation) as well as a luxurious imitation fur liner on the inside. I tell you, my feet have NEVER been this warm! I am usually quite the stickler about my feet not getting cold and I was very happy with the warmth after hiking in the Twain Hartes.

The boots have a great mix of both stability and comfort, easy to wear around town as well as hiking through snow. My feet remained dry and warm throughout the hike. The quick speed lace system was the only issue I had with these ladies.

I found that pulling them from the top only allowed the top eyelets to tighten. There is too much friction between the laces and the rest of the boot to allow the laces to slide easily. This causes the boot to be too tight at my ankle and not supportive enough around my foot. I found that I had to tighten them, one section at a time, and then locking the tightener in place. Once the laces were pulled tight enough and the closure was locked, there was no clear place to tuck the plastic clip at the end. The laces, if left alone, would be flip-flopping around and I would step on them while hiking. When taking the boots off, I still have to loosen each section individually.  I am tempted to just cut them into regular laces, to tighten and tie normally.

Besides the laces, I really enjoy these boots and secretly….do hope it snows one more time so I can wear them again!

Adventure On!


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