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Alter Ego

SIZE: 16oz
ABV: 6.8%

I enjoyed this beer as a refreshment after some of the easiest mountain biking I’ve done: lift serviced. It was my first time riding a ski lift to bike and my first time having this beer  . . . I think. I have had some Treehouse IPAs in the past but that was back when they were only in growlers. To be honest I remember liking them in general, but I couldn’t tell you which ones in particular I’d had. They have not so recently caught fire and people are trading some crazy beer in hopes of trying these hazy IPAs.

For this beer, Treehouse took a different route of dry-hopping from one of their big name beers, Julius. Julius is an American IPA overflowing with fruity flavors of mango, passion fruit, and citrus. For Alter Ego they changed the dry hopping to using Mosaic and Amarillo. This hopefully adding even more citrus to the flavor profile.

Alter Ego pours super hazy just like it should according to the current fad. A cloud-like, super fluffy head formed. The hop aroma was more sweet than anything. If forced to nail down the kind of sweetness, I suppose it was a little orange-like. The flavor had the alcohol/hop combo that I usually associate with a double IPA, finishing with some passion fruity flavors. The beer was overall really bright with a little lingering bitterness, however I kinda like that in an IPA.

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